Angry? Be Very Angry

Republicans are working on a healthcare plan; behind closed doors no one knows the details in large part because the Republicans in the Senate understand that taking away healthcare from millions of Americans is an unpopular idea. They know this, this is the reason the Senate Republicans are refusing to show We The People the text of this disastrous wealth care bill. The bill is being crafted by thirteen Senate Republicans, all of whom are men, not a single woman is allowed behind the closed door secret meetings to craft the bill, which will ensure that insurance companies are back in charge. What exactly are these people thinking, that Americans will wake up after this bill is crafted and forget that they had good health insurance. Here is the thing if you don’t think that the government should help people, if you don’t believe the government should be the umpire as advocated by conservative thinker Milton Friedman then you are sadly in the wrong profession.

The Republican plan for healthcare cuts Medicaid, a government program which helps families with limited resources. The new plan cuts Medicaid to a degree, which would force states to cut the program to the point that it makes Medicaid inadequate for families that rely on the program. These cuts are absolutely meant to hurt state budgets to the point that states have to cut these programs and no blame will be on Trump, rather all of the blame will be on the American People who chose to vote for such a man who wants to hurt Americans because they aren’t rich (not sure Trump is rich) like him and his children who have healthcare. This is the Republican agenda when it comes to healthcare as long as they have theirs; every other American is on their own. Trump doesn’t give a shit about people he never has and it appears that any Republican Senator who chooses to vote for this terrible legislation doesn’t care either.

The Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act is simply a bill, which ensures that Americans get sicker, get poorer, and at the end of the day get weaker. This is their agenda make no mistake about it; this is what they want they want people to die. They want people to go bankrupt because again they have theirs, this leads to an issue with every member of Congress, We The People are paying their insurance, We The People are paying for the insurance that Trump and his family enjoy. If healthcare is such a privilege in America let’s repeal funding for Congressional Healthcare subsidies, along with the Trump families, then maybe they to would be unable to sleep at night.

The Senate is trying to ram this bill down the throats in such a way that is un-democratic and simply un-American. They refuse to hold hearings on the bill, because they know that it is such a travesty for We The People to find out what is in the bill. For example Senator McConnell will only allow ten hours to read this horrendous bill, contrast this to the Affordable Care Act, which was debated on for two months they had two months to read the Affordable Care Act, the Senate has ten hours to read this failure of a bill. Next time Republicans mention hypocrisy pull this up. Since the Senate is refusing to hold a single hearing, there should be no vote on this death bill to literally ensure Americans die. This is what the bill does; make no mistakes about it that is their plan.

Call the Senate Demand a Hearing and a repeal of their healthcare before they repeal OURS (202) 224–3121; Demand a Voice from your Senators. After all We The People pay them.

Sign the Petition to Repeal Congressional Healthcare Subsidies.

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