Donald Trump would Sign Executive Orders

Donald Trump the hypocrite billionaire who has criticized President Obama for signing into law executive orders stated that he’d sign several executive orders. Meanwhile his fellow Republicans are remaining quiet, they only attack President Obama for signing executive orders when Congress refuses to act. Mr. Trump even praised President Obama he stated, “Led the way… I’m going to use them much better and they’re going to serve a much better purpose than he’s done.”

Here is a brief run down of Executive Orders

Reagan 381 Executive Orders

Bush II 291 Executive Orders

Obama 157 Executive Orders

It is important to note that Mr. Trump’s two broader campaign promises 1 being that he’d build a wall and Make Mexico pay for it, and 2, his ban on Muslims entering this nation. Will promptly be ruled Unconstitutional in the Appellate Courts, and The Supreme Court of the United States will not agree to hear these cases, but will instruct the now defunct Trump Administration (Which lets face it is unlikely to occur) that the Appellate rulings Stand.

This may be Mr. Trumps Waterloo.

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