Majority Back President Obama

The majority of Americans back President Obama’s executive orders when it comes to the issue of gun violence. A total of 67% of Americans back the President when it comes to preventing the next mass shooting in America. A total of 57% of Gun Owners back the Executive Orders, as well as 56% of rural voters. According to the polling 43% of Americans back President Obama when it comes to the handling of national policy on the issue of gun violence.

The tide is finally changing in America. The majority of Americans are willing to stand up and say no to the National Rifle Association. The only questions that remain are the following, 1. When will Congress stand up to the folks at the NRA and 2. When will Republicans, more specifically those running for the executive branch when will they say no to the NRA. When will they read the tea leaves and realize that the vast majority of Americans support ending the NRA’s grip on Congress. It is time for Actions, after all President Obama’s actions will prevent gun violence in this country in the years to come. Which is much more than anyone can say about the Republican Party and its puppet master the NRA.

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