Stevenson to replace Scalia

President Obama will appoint Bryan Stevenson to the Supreme Court of the United States. Stevenson will take the place of Justice Antonin Scalia who recently passed. Several people may be scratching their heads wondering who Mr. Stevenson is. Stevenson is an attorney who has fought for the rights of prisoners who have been condemned, as well as judicial reform. This is one of the many reasons why President Obama will nominate him to the Supreme Court; but most importantly the reason he will be nominated is because he is qualified. (I’m sure the GOP are throwing their hands up right now). This will also be another African American justice, who will be added to the Supreme Court.

Appointing members to the Supreme Court is much more about ensuring legacies; legacies that carry on… and when you appoint a Supreme Court Justice, that legacy will last for a very long time. Republicans won’t want to nominate Mr. Stevenson to the bench for several reasons. However, I don’t believe this is what Justice Scalia wants. I feel that Scalia would want the position filled immediately and swiftly. This will end up being a water loo for the Republican Party, for the main reason that it is another blow to their party’s failing charade of a record on civil rights. Stevenson has a history of leading the fight for sentencing reform, something Republicans will dislike. Either way, if they schedule a hearing in good faith but then fail to confirm, it will be a black eye for the Republicans especially because of the issue of racial tension in this country. (Scalia’s remarks recently, are an example of such…) If they refuse to schedule hearings… this too will be a black eye for the Republicans because they are failing to follow the document they hold near and dear to their hearts… the Constitution which states that the President is mandated to nominate a justice when there is a vacancy.

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