The Fight Continues…

So these past few days have not been easy, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and really a lot of listening. The fact is we lost. Donald Trump, the serial con artist, misogynistic, rape baiting president, needs to understand a few things. American Democrats do not have any responsibility to quell the protests. While I do think the protests are a bit foolish, for the simple fact that the results are in, now is not the time to protest, it is the time to march on, to fight tooth and nail to ensure that he knows we will be committed to Democracy tomorrow just as much as we are today.

Now this American nightmare could come to an end, if the electors decide to do what they should do and listen to the will of the American Voter. I’m not naïve; I know the Electoral College was designed to prevent the man who was just elected. I think it is very likely that the movement may be successful that the electors may decide to ditch the disastrous administration which takes hold on January 20th. For example, take a look at who he has decided to surround himself with; it is people like Steve Bannon who is a man who is a known anti-Semite and a man who has physically abused his ex-wife, and I’m sure other women. Take the President elect’s own statements on women, is this any surprise to anyone. And I won’t be kind to Reince Priebus who is like the college fraternity brother who sees his frat brother raping a woman and decides to move on with his life and act like he has seen nothing; in fact this is the exact comparison that fits Mr. Priebus. I cannot state enough to men who voted for this man that if these are your values, then you are not worthy of being called a man. I can’t even begin to tell people how to explain this to women, to their spouses, their daughters not to mention the very women who gave birth to them.

A note is needed here… I know folks personally who voted for Mr. Trump, not all Trump voters are bad people. I also know those who couldn’t vote in good conscience for either these people too are not bad people.

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