The Khan Family is more American than Donald Trump’s campaign

The best speech from the Democratic National Committee was not Hillary Clinton accepting the Democratic Party’s nominee for the presidency, but a speech given by Khizr Khan a Muslim father who’s son Humayun Khan died serving in Iraq. He died in a car bomb, saving four other United States Service members. In his speech he stated, “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.” Since Khan’s speech Donald Trump has proceeded to attack both Khizr Khan and his wife. Khan also stated the following “Have you even read the United States Constitution? I will gladly lend you my coping.” He then proceeded to retrieve his pocket Constitution from his suit jacket. His argument boils down to the issue that Trump claims Islam doesn’t allow for woman to speak. He posted to twitter “I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention. Am I not allowed to respond? Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!” Ghazala Khan the mother of Captain Humayun Khan wrote an op ed today in the Washington Post. I highly encourage everyone to read her powerful op ed piece.

More importantly if Donald Trump is going to attack Americans for criticizing him then it shows that Donald Trump is not and will not ever be fit to be President of the United States of America. More importantly it is blatantly disrespecful and un-American to attack a service members family, for unlike Donald Trump and his family this American family gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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