Trump Care Like We Don’t Care

The Republican Party unveiled their healthcare bill in the Senate today to members of their own party. The reason they unveiled the bill to their own members is to ensure they can build consensus on the dismantling of American safety nets, and the continuation of the insurance companies running the show in Washington D.C. Their bill will ensure that millions of low income Americans have the safety net ripped out from under them. Medicaid receives substantial cuts in the Senate version of Trumped up Trickle down healthcare. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has found that doing this will ensure 14 million Americans lose their health coverage. One can only hope at this point that the number above does not grow since the CBO has yet to score the senate version of the bill, so for now that 14 million comes from the Senate blueprint which is the House bill. The plan here is to ensure that Medicaid receives a cap, so that once this cap is meant no one who is poor or becomes ill can then sign up for Medicaid.

The Senate version follows the Affordable Care Act’s model when it comes to subsidizing healthcare, however it covers far fewer Americans. This is because the Senate bill ends the subsidy at 350 percent of the federal poverty line, whereas under the Affordable Care Act people can obtain a subsidy up to 400 percent of the federal poverty line.

The Senate bill is a massive tax giveaway for the wealthy in this nation. At the core of the bill, it was never a healthcare bill as much as it was a tax bill. Republicans at the end of the day fundamentally understand this; it is one of the many reasons why they refuse to allow for people to see the text of their bill.

The Republican Party has long been calling for the need to ensure that insurance premiums are brought down, many Democrats agree with the Republican Party on this issue. It’s why they should immediately bring their bill out into the open and let the people see the bill. If their bill is so great as Mr. Trump would preach let us see the damn thing. But I digress. The only way to bring down the cost of premiums is to cut benefits. While cutting benefits will bring down the cost of insurance for many, it will leave those who need those same benefits to pay exorbitant amounts in out of pocket costs. At the heart of this mean spirited bill it ensures that those who are sick take the burden for their illness. It is about the wealthy and not those that are desperate. The Senate version will grant states greater leeway in what regulations they follow and what regulations they do not, this means those who are sick will pay more than those who are not. The Senate bill also changes what insurance plans must cover, currently an insurance plan on average covers 75 percent of costs, under the Ryan/Trump plan an insurance company will only have to cover 58 percent of costs.

Lobbyists have seen Trump/Ryan Care but yet We the People have yet to see the text of the Bill; not to mention the entire Senate Democratic Caucus.

The bill completely defunds Planned Parenthood an organization that helps low income Americans every year. Particularly women who the Republican Party seems to dislike more and more by the day simply because they use the services of Planned Parenthood to obtain breast exams to prevent cancer and other diseases. To defund an organization like Planned Parenthood is simply callous and would be a disaster for low income Americans who rely on the services Planned Parenthood clinics provide.

What is clear is that the word mean spirited isn’t the correct word. The Republican Plan for Healthcare after they repeal the Affordable Care Act can only be called repugnant. The plan ensures that people are left with the burden; even people who have healthcare will still be left with the burden. They shift the burden of coverage onto the poor and those who are desperate, while not asking the wealthy to lift even a single finger to help their fellow Americans. It is repugnant.

Call the Senate Switchboard at 202–224–3121 tell them to reject Trump/Ryan Care in all its forms.

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