Turning Point

A second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld two gun control measures the one in New York, and the other in Connecticut. The rulings allow for both states to ban several semiautomatic weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines. The court found that the government has a duty to regulate firearms, because of public safety, as they have before, however this is a tipping point because it is the second appeals court, while it includes several liberal states, it also includes Vermont. Vermont has been in the news recently after Senator Sanders whose a presidential candidate, stated he could not vote for gun safety legislation without losing his job. Arguing Vermont is too rural to go along with common sense gun safety legislation.

Some portions in both of the states laws were ruled unconstitutional, however its more important to focus on the positives rather than the bad.

New York and Connecticut now have the nations strongest gun safety laws, and the question that remains now is will other states follow. Gun advocates plan on appealing to the Supreme Court, if they decide to hear the case. They could decide its a handled issue, and with the Supreme Court they don’t need to explain themselves, since they don’t answer to anyone.

While New York and Connecticut offer solutions that can be implemented on the state level. What is needed is legislation on the federal level, coming out of Congress; therefore it would apply to all 50 states, unless (well anything will be challenged by the NRA) the Supreme Court rules the law unconstitutional. The key to any law being constitutional may be Chief Justice Roberts.

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