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This story was originally posted on Over Instagram. Over Instagram is a real-time log of designing and developing a better app for photographers to get feedback on their work.

“Grande cappuccino for Nick.” The cardboard cup is hot on the tips of my chewed-up fingers. I’ve tried everything to kick the damn habit. …

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In 2019 I’m committing to building a mobile app in public, from idea through launch. It’s an opportunity to join me as I struggle through all it takes to launch an app as one person doing this in my spare time.

Yes, I’m scared. …

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash

When I was a kid I loved magic. I had a red metal toolbox that I kept my magic props in, full of special decks of cards and funny dice and weird coins. My dad would take me to the magic store and we’d watch the magician do a trick. I’d beg him to buy it for me. If he did, the magician would pull us aside and let us in on the secret that made the effect possible. Usually I never even performed the trick for anyone, but I loved learning the mechanics.

As an adult, I’m still a magic nerd. But I’ve learned something crucial — something that can make the difference between magic that intrigues and delights, and magic that’s dull and forgettable. …


Nick Stamas

Designer | Developer | Contrarian

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