Well hell

If you see a drug addict do you blame them for doing drugs do you kinda think they is a waste of space he is not important the point im getting to is we judge first and understand later what if that drug addict lost there family went broke got raped you never know they might have turned to drugs because it was the only thing that helped. We as humans base what we know of someone on what they do not who they are or who they used to be . Just like if someone killed a person we just see that he killed someone not the fact that he helped kids who had nothing and he fought for this country but we only see the bad. They call him a monster yet they know so little about him they comment on social media give him death or life in prison yet they know nothing .

Well hell look on the news and the TV there is so much hate in the world now and our kids are exposed to it because they parents dont care enough to turn off the TV or tell them no. We are to blame all of us are we have gotten so self centered we care about our self more then others the only time we say others name is to judge them on the choices they make yet we dont take the blame if we mess up.

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