What Donald Trump Can Learn From Colin Kaepernick
Shaun King

A preview of the upcoming lawsuit trial brought by Kaepernick accusing the NFL of collusion..

“Your honor, this highlight reel will clearly indicate Mr Kaepernick’s lack of touch on short passes as well as lack of accuracy on long ones, as well as his inability or unwillingness to check down the receivers — instead repeatedly choosing to bolt like a fleeing felon — “

“Objection, your honor, counsel is profiling the plaintive.”

“Overruled, he looks exactly like the guy who who broke into my car last week”

“Your honor..?..”

“Further, your honor, the record will show that Mr. Kaepernick does not possess the bearing of leadership necessary for the starting quarterback position — being instead an introverted fellow who despite a college education speaks like an awkward teenager.”

“Objection, your honor, a Mr. Brett Favre once sent a dick photo to a cheerleader.”

“Overruled, the court has viewed photos of the cheerleader and she was smokin’ hot.”

“Your honor!..”