Question — do blacks in the suburbs commit crimes and homicide at a rate greater than their white…
John Flores

It’s a fair question, John, but unfortunately the violence follows them out of the inner city. Case in point, a month or so ago twelve suburban shopping malls across were simultaneously targeted by wilding mobs of black youth. These were not “hood rats” or “OG” thugs, but suburban kids with nice clothes, cars, and of course expensive smart phones. And they were not enraged, but gleefully rampaging — just for fun. Of course in a couple of the mall riots, a few people were shot and killed. But of course BLM wouldn’t deign to mention it, let alone consider the implications. As for the hypothetical consideration of poor whites living in the inner cities, well, NO, John, they would not car-jack, home-invade, rape and murder. And neither would Asians, Hispanics, or Native Americans. What is the big problem with acknowledging that black people really are different in certain ways? Why do BLM folks insist that because the arrest levels — or school suspensions — are much higher among blacks, that it’s somehow “racism” that’s causing it?

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