Pick a Side
Dave Pell

Let me say up front that I certainly didn’t vote for Trump, but of course I couldn’t vote for Hillary. But I can tell you why Trump was elected — and it wasn’t because of “birther” claims. No, and it wasn’t because he was the only candidate openly criticizing the U.S. Permanent War policy, or his bold (if hollow) promises of rejuvenated industrial bases , etc. No, the real reason that those folks in the rust belt turned out for him was the quietly growing catastrophe of Minneapolis — you know, where 20,000 or so Somalian “refugees” were installed and plugged into the welfare system, and who didn’t assimilate at all, but rather continued their aggressive and brazen violent crime. Yep, and the fact that every large American city has a degraded and extremely dangerous “no-go” zone — you know, the black part of town, where the notion of “unconscious bias” is a joke — replaced by a palpable and appropriate apprehension at seeing black men (and often women) walking down the street. And Dave, it’s not just white folks expressing this apprehension, it’s Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and most of all fellow blacks.

As for “racists,” this charming description, formerly applied easily to tobacco-chewing rednecks laughing as a jury acquits them of a lynching, has now been appropriated by the Social Justice Warriors themselves. All of these BLM folks are far more racist than anyone else. They live and breath racial identity, Critical Race theory, perpetual Victimhood, and ceaseless jabbering abstract rhetoric against people they’ve never met, attacking and smearing them because they’re white. Which white people? All of them. Well, that’s racism, Dave.

As for the “alt-right” White Pride folks, so what? If they were properly ignored, they would have had their (very short) march, given their speeches, and gone home. They weren’t going to attack anyone or destroy any property. But the self-righteous (Marxist asshole) “anti-racists” were the ones who attack — with all sort of weapons — while denying First Amendment rights to others they might disagree with, destroy property with impunity, and then declare themselves the victims. This happened in Berkeley and Sacramento recently, and of course in Charlottesville.

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