Lena Dunham is a Plague, but so is Liberal Racism
Hunter Saylor

Okay, Hunter, a word about Get Out. While it is nominally a “comedy,” it of course isn’t funny, nor does it really try to be. Rather, it is a “horror” flick with a light touch. And to be fair, the basic premise is okay — a group of old rich folks find a way to cheat death by hijacking bodies, leap frogging down the ages. Okay, but when we see, for example, an old rich white woman who wants to be a negro maid clearing the table after dinner — or an old rich white man who wants to be an old shufflin’ black caretaker mowing the lawn, well we see that the movie is impossibly stupid. That is, the director — who also wrote it? — simply doesn’t know anything about white people — especially rich ones.

As to your other rather vaguely addressed point — of the double standard in the use of the word “nigger,” well this only begins to reveal the howling hypocrisy that informs the startlingly huge pathology which presently engulfs black America. It’s not just the crime — off the scale — or the academic default — no one can read or write — or the obesity epidemic — breaking the scale — or the dire cycle of welfare moms pumping out bastard kids as though in a contest. And you want to discuss”racism”? You mean white people somehow abusing black folks? You mean the police — the ONLY group protecting black people? you’re unclear, Hunter.

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