White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

The BLM supporters are basically in a small lifeboat which is leaking. Their claim to value black lives is obviously false since they desperately avoid the basic fact of the grossly disproportionate degree of black violence being the actual cause of the steady compiling of dead black bodies in every inner city from coast to coast. No, they sure don’t want to talk about that — except to somehow insist that it’s just a natural and inevitable byproduct of “white supremacy” or “institutional racism.” Notice that these terms are purely abstract. That is, the BLM “movement” is nothing more than an anti-white hate group which has absolutely no plans or policies to achieve anything beyond more and more complaining, protesting — i.e.,with rioting and looting if possible — and complaining some more, all the while constantly scrolling their phones. As for Noah, his suggestion that because some KKK members claimed to support Trump, this makes him a racist, is absurd. What kind of palsied logic is this? Of course we’re fucked by Trump’s victory, but the issue of race is way down the list of the looming threats. First and foremost is an economic crisis, followed by an environmental catastrophe. This should be the object of our concern, not the incessant carpings of a bunch of professional complainers.

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