So much fucken culture

Forgive me for writing a futile opinion piece like my opinion matters at all or impacts the world in the slightest, but these kinds of pieces are seem to be what rate well on Medium so I’m adapting my usual bullshit in an effort to get more responses just so my pathetic ego is reminded that it exists, prior to me blasting it to pieces with another large dose of entheogens just to shut it the fuck up again so I don’t have to hear it’s whining voice tell me over and over that I’m apparently the incarnation of the Christ frequency sent to liberate humanity from their evil money and their dirty underwear.

Preamble over, I have recently observed that there is a lot of talk about cultural appropriation going on at the moment. Can white people wear dreadlocks? Are non-white people allowed to practice cultural appropriation for the sake of equal oppurtunity? Are white people are allowed to adopt the practices and garb of Amazonian shamans and charge other white people a lot of money for their services and the occasional groupie blowjob? Are white people are allowed to wear blackface, move into disenfranchised ghettos to become drug dealers and start promising careers at the local gangster rap factory? Can white people get tattoos of Chinese symbols on their bleached anuses? Is bleaching anuses tacitly endorsing white supremacy? 
 The first answer to all these questions is YES.
 The second answer to all these questions is why should you even give a shit? If these white people want to look stupid, then let them, it’s their choice. And if certain other white people are sucked into their act and give them money for it, well then once again, why should you even give a shit? There are many such public debates going on at the moment that seem to be distracting everyone from the more pressing issues at hand, for example the right-wing corporate machine’s ongoing destruction of the world that will kill us all and the right-wing corporate machine’s ongoing destruction of the world that will kill us all. So many distracting debates about all sorts of distracting things, that recently I was propelled face first towards the liberating conclusion that I actually don’t give a shit about any human-based issues that do not directly affect me.
 So I implore you to feel empathy for all the poor white people out there who are donning on other cultures garb like unconvincing transvestites soliciting sex for money on the rain stained streets of Madrid. It’s not their fault. Let’s look at why cultural appropriation is happening in the first place with these people. It’s because they’ve had all semblance of their own indigenous culture taken away from them by the forces behind the Christian control system back in the Middle ages. We were all indigenous cultures originally. Some of us happen to be more so than others still. White western mainstream culture has just been separated from their pagan indigenous roots and that’s exactly why you see white people on ecstasy wearing American Indian Feather headdresses at music festivals dancing themselves to the point of sun stroke. They are just attempting to reconnect with something that was taken away from them several hundred years ago, attempting to reconnect in the only way they were trained by the society they grew up in to do so, through the means of capitalist driven consumerism. Cultural identity for them and for most of us these days has become some kind of superficial consumable product that can be bought from the relevant dealer to display to each other for some form of implicit self-validation.
 I have travelled to many countries and have been able to observe cultures in it’s many different forms and at the end of the day culture is essentially the same thing: funny-looking people, wearing funny-looking clothes, doing funny-looking dances to funny-sounding music. The exact style of all these funny looking and sounding components might vary from place to place but essentially that is what culture is:
 Funny-looking people, wearing funny-looking clothes, doing funny-looking dances to funny-sounding music.
 The west were cut off from their own funny looking dances by the forces behind the Christian control system. They burned all the ‘witches’ that had connections to the old ways. They suppressed ‘pagan’ nature worship and the celebrations linked to the natural cycles of the seasons. So then what culture does the mainstream West have these days? Shitty top 40 pop music based on sexually objectifying women, glorifying materialism, idolizing youth and dancing in clubs on drugs to the point of death in an attempt to stave off the overwhelming malaise and emptiness of the modern Western experience. No wonder certain white people feel compelled to then go get a tribal tattoo of a non-existent tribe somewhere on their bodies and then go join ISIS to kill some infidels. Who doesn’t have those urges on a regular basis? I know I do everytime I examine the gap between the world that was promised to me as a child and the one that I’m currently trying to escape from, possibly through a well-timed grenade rocket launched at a local western embassy while screaming the holy name of the prophet. 
 We are all just looking for something, and most of us are just uncertain what exactly that is.
 In this global village of constant cultural cross pollination, it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to keep to their own cultures — whatever ‘culture’ is anyway. Culture is an ever changing thing. I sincerely believe in the Rainbow prophecy ( I have seen it in my Ayahuasca visions. We are reaching a point where all information including indigenous is going to have to be made open source for the sake of the very survival of our species and the millions of other species we will take down with us should the forces of darkness win.
 I used to very much against white people adopting another culture that wasn’t theirs. It annoyed me every time I met some pasty white person who had given themselves a Sanskrit name that they didn’t know the meaning of. But to re-emphasize my recent breakthrough insight, now I just don’t give a shit. I have also met other white people who have an intense connection to some other culture that comes from a very genuine and honest place that they are using for constructive means as a contribution to the world at large. Something resonates with them deeply with it and they cannot help but be drawn to it. Perhaps they have some kind of past-life karmic relationship with this culture. I have been taught a lot about my alleged own culture by these such people. My genetic and cultural background is a mix of Tibetan, Chinese, Nepali and Indian. My parents never taught me the language because they wanted me to speak English gooder. They didn’t teach me much about my cultural heritage because they wanted me to be able to fit in with all the Australians here who hated Asians. It didn’t really work. It was only in the last five years when I started really looking into my roots and the weird thing is that I learnt a lot about it from western people. I learnt what limited Tibetan I know from a kind lady from Delaware. I was taught how to do multiphonic Tibetan chanting from a Polish friend. I had my first ‘traditional’ Chinese tea ceremony from an African Italian and I am currently learning Ayurveda and Qi gong from a very Australian Australian guy. For all these people it’s not cultural appropriation that they are doing, their intent comes from a place of total respect, their knowledge surpasses that of the average person from the culture they are involved with and they are using this knowledge to give back to the world at large. 
 I was informed during a recent Ayahuasca journey that mainstream Western cultures severance from their indigenous roots is exactly why everyone is very confused right now. Currently the Western world has no grounding or stability. We are disconnected from the natural world and from our ancestral heritage from which we once gathered much strength and stability. Our worldviews are now informed by the wealth of conflicting information that comes from the mainstream media or the internet. With no grounding in the so called ‘old ways’, old ways that once gave us initiation rituals into adulthood, that showed us how to be self-reliant adult humans, that connected us to nature, the Earth and each other, that helped us know who we truly were, we are now open to constant manipulation by the powers that be that currently rule over us, easily led and confused to a point of nihilistic inaction. Is it any particular coincidence that there seems to be an ongoing, concerted effort to suppress and eradicate all remaining indigenous cultures across the globe? I can’t confirm any speculation as fact at this point however, mostly because I’m too busy re-adjusting my tin foil hat to make sure the government can’t read my thoughts. 
 So to any people out there who keep ranting about cultural appropriation, just remember where it’s coming from and forgive them. Engage in a dialogue with them from a place of emotional neutrality. Grab the shitty made in china products they’re selling at their music festival dream catcher stall, throw them on the ground and piss on them while screaming, ‘DIE INFIDEL! DIE INFIDEL! DIE INFIDEL!’ and waving a scimitar at their pasty necks. Grab some steel wool, lovingly help them bleach their anuses and know that just because their anuses are the same colour as Ku Klux Klan robes, it doesn’t mean that they are holocaust deniers, even though they might be and hey even if they are, everyone has a right to an opinion. And for those of you who may suspect yourselves of indulging in cultural appropriation, take a long hard look at yourself and see if it’s coming from an honest, genuine place and if it’s making a positive impact on the world. If it’s some kind of shallow consumer driven need for identity, perhaps it’s time to take a heroic dose by yourself in a dark room and find out who the hell you actually are. Perhaps it’s time to create your own culture. Traditions all have to start somewhere and don’t forget, all you need is some funny clothes, funny music and funny dances and you’ll be set to go.


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