LUNA — Luxury Smart Sleep with Sunrise Wake-Up light alarm, NAP and Lucid Dream Inducer features

French company Artline International has launched a Kickstarter campaign: for project “LUNA — Luxury Smart Sleep Mask” which may help to those people who suffer from the lack of sleep, to get better sleep at night and get perfect Napping during the day.

The mask is based on Atmega328P microcontroller and has programmable Sunrise Wake-Up light Alarm, NAP sleep, Lucid Dream Inducer features and 0.9” OLED display for an easy use. Many people around the World suffers from the sleep deprivation (lack of sleep) which causes many negative effects to human health, such as:

Weakening of the immune system Depression High blood pressure Moodiness Lower libido and less interest in sex Memory troubles Anxiety disorder Obesity Yawning Lack of attention Stress Heart disease Cognitive dysfunction Accidental death Diabetes

The Sunrise Wake-Up light alarm will simmulate the real sunrise by slowly increasing the intensity of the light emitted by 4 ultra bright LEDs. That way users is wake up in natural way and will feel in good mood and refreshed. It’s like have a personal sun at your service, which will rise when you need it.

Also, LUNA mask has the Lucid Dream Inducer feature, which will emit a series of the visual (light) cues by 8 LEDS, after the programmed standby delay. Those cues will be repeated after preset intervals and will help to user to “wake up” their consciousness during the REM sleep periods.

That will allow user to gain a control over their dreams with unlimited possibilities (in their dreams, of course)

As LUNA project team says : “Everything is possible in Lucid Dreams : Teleport to any place in Universe, talk with famous historical people, take lessons and train with champions, have a Lucid Dream sex, visit the most beautiful places in the world and many many more… The only limit is the imagination.”

LUNA will help to people get better sleep, better health and better life.


Name: Richard Mayer

Company name : Blue Circle Limited

Telephone: 852–81758110

Address: Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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