has gone offline — with a food truck

Why Plated Launched a Food Truck

Software may be eating the world, but the world is eating more than just software.

Big Dogs talk about how “software is eating the world” and how everything is moving online. But the ONLINE world is moving OFFLINE just as fast.

This convergence has been happening for over a decade now, but it seems like things have accelerated exponentially over the last 24 months. Warby Parker, Rent The Runway, Birchbox, Bauble Bar, Trunk Club, Bonobos, eBay, Amazon. Seems like everyone is DOIN’ IT.

When Plated was in TechStars NYC in April 2013, Andy Dunn from Bonobos came in and talked to us about how freakishly hard e-commerce can be.

And one thing he said really stuck with me: “I wish we’d gone offline sooner.”


Because at a certain point in an online-first brand’s life cycle, Facebook ads, customer referrals, Google Adwords, Pinterest, Instagram, and other paid and organic purely digital channels start to dry up. You try to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month online, and it just doesn’t work.

So what do you do?

The folks I mentioned above put together popups to test the offline world. They hustled and peddled lipstick from Chelsea Market or hipster specs from buses. Cool. But also a bit random.

When we started thinking about offline, we started thinking about food trucks.

We’re a brand born and raised in Big Ol’ #NYC – and food truck culture is a part of how this city gets its people fed. Food trucks are also really freaking sweet cuz you can cook food AND roam around the City – NYPD politely asks you to vacate the spot in front of Whole Foods at Union Square, and you can roll on to the Trader Joe’s in Chelsea. Pop-ups be damned.

Demands at work, obligations in your personal life, and dozens of other factors can get between you and a healthy meal you can feel good about. We’re here to fix that.

When you think about the future of eating right and living well, Plated is where the rubber meets the road – quite literally, thanks to this truck. 99% of all food in the Freedom Loving US of A is still bought offline. So why limit ourselves to only 1% of the economy? has gone offline — with a food truck

Our whole approach to this business has been test, fuck up, learn, iterate, repeat.

Will this test work out? I don’t know, but I’d love it if you let us know what you think.

If you’re in NYC, take a New York minute to visit the Plated truck – active weeknights from 4:30PM to 8:30PM at various spots. Follow @plated on Twitter for a morning announcement about where we’ll be that day.

Simply walk up to our truck, choose from that day’s seasonal menu, and walk away with a hand-packed tote full of something you’ll love. It’ll include the pre-portioned ingredients, come with chef-designed instructions, and take less than 30 minutes to make.

I look forward to hearing what you think about our first offline endeavor!

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