We’ve Known About Pentagon Waste for Years
War Is Boring

The problem with Trump is that no matter what he says, he doesnt care at all about waste or corruption, he only cares when things dont benefit him personally. He knows that people care about it though, so he rants and raves about it, in an effort to get what he wants.

Trump took aim at Boeing because the CEO dared to disagree with him publicly. Now Trump is looking for compensation for that slight. What sort of compensation? Well perhaps he wants some free upgrades to Drumpf Air (its a 757 that isnt getting any younger) or maybe some deep discounts on a brand new model.

Trump’s style, while publicly attacking waste and corruption, will actually affect the good programs the most. Since all he is looking for are kick backs and fealty, who is going to be more willing to give them? Honest contractors? Or the ones looking to push a faulty product for the biggest profits?

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