Your strip club is not doing well? Here is one reason

The business of adult entertainment have been the main focus of my research in the past 2 years. I found it a very surprising industry as it always performs unexpectedly under certain economic circumstances. You may think good economy or booming business will help your strip club, but you can be very wrong!

Let’s put it this way: When a blackJack table is doing well, expect to see more players. That same principle applies for strip clubs.. When business is doing well, expect more clubs to open.

That always causes less customers as some may start going to the new places which is a normal thing. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there is a bigger underlying problem that is not just threatening your topless bar, It’s a problem threatening the entire strip club industry in your town.

The competition is a known factor that drives the prices of goods down.It’s less common in the high end luxury business, but it still happens when you are comparing two items or two places to go to if they offer a similar product. The gentlemen’s clubs fall under the luxury high end category but when the product is somehow similar (in this case the girls) competition grows and the prices are driven down. The bars as a result will bring less revenue and the girls make less money, and that will drive even more competition and causes more damage. In some cases the strip clubs raise their fees to compensate for the loss of business And the strippers end up making less and less and with more bars in the city, becoming an exotic dancer will no longer be as appealing which also hurts over the long run. Making a lot of profit on drinks will no longer be an option to be able to survive the competition and bring people your way.

Once this starts, it can go on and on, and competition become stronger and will hurt everybody as the clubs have always relied on high prices like any luxury industry.

That snowballing effect is underestimated, but is today the main reason no one is making as much as the good old days. It will continue to hurt business down the road and the only way out is to come up with an alternative to discounting prices and charging employees higher fees, but what are those alternatives? That seems a very tough solution to find!

Well the good news is that someone has found a solution and it’s proven to work and starting to gain momentum especially in northern California, New York, and Dallas.

The trick is to get new people to start going to the strip clubs and there is a method for that. In those areas, the strip clubs started revamping their identities and present themselves different to the public. They adopted technology, they are running specials on the internet, they are present and optimized for mobile devices, and they are investing in online advertising for their kitchen and food products that are surprisingly as good or sometimes surpass the top restaurants in terms of flavor and quality! “ I had my best chicken wings at a topless joint in detroit called BT’S Executive Club! “ said an LA resident who travels to Michigan for Business.

My question was: So do you go often to the strip clubs? And his answer was that he found a picture and a review online, and had to try it.

Some places in the Miami area who started advertising their food and cocktails online, are seeing a growing number of customers who are not regulars and who have initially to take advantage of the deal. Think about it this way: On the internet, the images and reviews speak. This is how people look for things today, and strip club specials websites like and others will give you the chance to compete with bars and restaurants, not only other strip clubs, and that opens new doors for you as you adress a much larger number of people that will potentialy become your customers.