UX Design Immersive: Ground Zero

Some info about me:

My name is Nicholas Tejada and I am taking UXDI to expand my skill set and explore the creative and technical world behind User Experience Design. I come from an Advertising/Social Media background and am hoping to break into a field that calls for me to utilize my creativity. I also enjoy the idea that everything involved with UXDesign revolves around the audience and what they hope to get out of the product/service. There is a large amount of empathy that goes into the creative process here and I am very excited to get involved in that part of the research process.

My Design Preference:

To grow more accustomed to the idea of viewing applications through the eyes of a UX Designer, I have listed below 3 successful applications and 3 applications that could use some editing to improve the user experience:

Instagram: Photo sharing app

✅Instagram: I really like the design for this application because it is easy to navigate and is intuitive to the user. The home page has only 4 main icons to help the user get certain tasks completed. It is also simple in its color scheme and doesn’t require a lot of complicated design to confuse the user. Recently Instagram added the “Story” option on the upper left had corner of the page. The feature is a bit cluttered and hard to manage if a user follows a lot of accounts. This feature just came out so I’m sure there will be some alterations coming in the near future.

Spotify: Online music player

✅Spotify: I use the Spotify music player app everyday. I feel even though it has a ton of features and options to choose from, it is still simple enough to navigate and find what I am looking for. I also really enjoy the aesthetic of it. The colors are very simple but can be colorful and appealing to interact with. I have no trouble adding songs to my library or to a playlist or even creating a playlist to share with a friend. This also transfers over the desktop form the service making it easy to interchange between the two.

Uber: Ride sharing service

✅Uber: The Uber application has undergone a lot of changes in the past couple of years but the most recent version is working very well without complicating the general purpose of the service. The homepage gives you all of the information you need to get a ride set up as quickly as possible. I like that I am also able to receive a fare estimate before reserving my ride. Another nice touch to the design of the app is that normal car icons show up for UberX and Uber pool however it changes to look like a USV when the Uber XL option is chosen. The same feature changes to look like a taxi when the Uber T option is chosen.

❌itunes: The layout for the itunes music player is successful in that its image and aesthetic is in line with the rest of the apple applications that come with the device. However, it is more difficult to navigate and the flow can be disrupted with a lack of guidance for the user. I have also found it difficult to customize the playlists, searches and recommendations. One feature that I enjoy on Spotify that apple does not offer is the ability to scroll from left to right to explore the other playlists offered for that week or that are recommended to me.

News: Apple news app

❌News: This application is easy enough to navigate but I think it could use some adjustments to make it more customizable for the user. On the “For You” icon, if the user scrolls down the page there is a “Recommendations from News” section that includes a scroll feature to explore different areas of news including subjects like international relations, economy, entertainment, and sports. I think this should have its own feature in the app. There is a similar section referred to as “Explore” but I feel that since it is similar to the “For You” page it can be easy to get lost and make it difficult to expand the users custom news feed.

Outlook Email

❌Outlook Email: Aside from the absurd amount of unanswered emails I have in this application, I feel as though it is difficult at times to navigate and organize. I do like how it is nice to create and add to folders however, if there are multiple folders it gets more difficult to place them in a way that is intuitive in the mobile app. While using this app, I wish they would organize it so that inbox was followed or preceded by more common folders such as Sent, Drafts, and Deleted.

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