The Echo Dot Second Generation

Skills and privacy settings for all new owners.

Like many people I received an Echo Dot for Christmas and at first I wondered what this little electronic hockey puck was supposed to do for me.
I set it up just like the directions said and then I asked it the first question.

That was a wow moment. It worked. Right away and then I started to explore all of the things that it could do for me and the household. …

Scan me

by Nick Gressle

I recently commented on a LinkedIn post that pointed out that using QR codes in a design would be a bad choice.

The original post came from individuals in my creative professional space and it lamented how designs utilize QR codes as brand communication devices. You know the ones, the little box when scanned with your smartphone take you to the brand’s website.

I fully agree that this use has been over played almost from it’s inception. It was an easily executed vehicle to promote the use of the smartphone camera, and it’s ability to scan bar…

Nick Gressle

I am classified as a Unicorn. Illustrator, Designer, Developer and Art Director. I write on topics that fall into the creative and technology space.

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