Torens Take: Olympics

The NHL isn’t going to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeong-Chang, South Korea. Looking at it, it doesn’t hurt the NHL one bit, they’re big enough. They now have the World Cup of Hockey sure it sucks, is boring and not fun but they feel its enough along with the world championships in May. BUT it DOES hurt the Olympics and in a small way hockey itself. Many people I know and lots others who just watch the Olympics for Hockey its gold for that or the Olympics was a failure. Viewership will go down slightly I'm almost sure of it. As for hockey, Canada for example will send a team that has good but not great players. Mason Raymond, Jeff Tambellini come to mind of who we MAY send. Personally I can’t think of any US players in Europe but they have many there as well. Whereas Russia with the KHL will send players like Kovalchuk and Datsyuk. there's a clear difference and I'm almost ready to pick Russia as the Gold Medal winners, you never know but as of right now yep I'm choosing them.

The only bright side I see to the NHL not going to the Games is that people might realize that there are so many more sports and things at the Olympics! It opens the door for many sports but also puts hockey down a notch as a sport at the Olympics.

Also there’s a big F U to Korea is that they’re not going to their games but they will almost certainly send their players to the Beijing Games in 2022. Maybe the players will just say screw it and go I can’t say we will just have to see.

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