How 2 Kids Beat A Multi-Million Dollar Agency From Their Bedroom (And How You Can Do The Same)

It was an afternoon like the others.

We had started our agency a few months earlier, so we headed into our home-office ready to work, when we saw something in our postbox.

The mailman had come in the morning, and left a notice regarding a recorded delivery letter.

We were worried. Who the hell would send us a recorded delivery letter?

When we went to the post office, we found out that one of the most important legal firms in our country was the actual sender.

The content? A letter of formal notice, in which a multi-million dollar agency threatened to sue us if we didn’t do what they asked.

What did they want? Well, everything we had created until that moment.

Our domain, our name, our social media pages, everything.

They relied on the fact that they were “so famous and well known in the industry” and that our business names were too similar.

Of course, it wasn’t true. It was just a pretext to take us down.

The month before, my brother (21) and I (24) started our very first lead generation campaign for our agency.

It was going great.

We were getting leads every single day, and our list was growing exponentially.

Unfortunately, they saw it too.

Therefore, instead of fighting us on the field, abiding by the rules, as the economic competition would want, they did something else.

They claimed we weren’t playing by the rules, so they asked the referee to end the game.

However, that wasn’t the truth.

We hired a lawyer, and we responded. Sparing you the details, we stated that all their claims were unjustified and they had nothing to ask.

Then, we faced what a lot of businesses in our position had faced before.

A big choice: to fight…or not to fight?

On the one hand, we wanted to fight. We knew we did nothing wrong. Our names were different, our brand colors were nothing alike, and frankly, we knew they just wanted to shut us down and steal our job. They saw an opportunity. The proof was that during all the negotiations, they insisted on keeping all this matter a secret. They didn’t want anyone to know that they bullied two kids that had just started a few months earlier, thus preventing them from entering the market.

On the other hand, under the precious advice of our lawyer, we understood we didn’t have the financial resources to take on a legal fight that could potentially run for years.

Some time passed.

We were stuck for a while.

Then, we realized something.

The name was irrelevant. We hadn’t even created a brand around it (not enough time), and most importantly, our fundamental asset was our own knowledge.

They couldn’t take that away from us.

Our know-how on creating effective campaigns that could generate leads.

Our know-how on creating content that attracted followers.

Our know-how on converting followers into paying customers.

Our combined skill-set was our competitive edge, and that was going to stay with us no matter what.

We didn’t have to fight them.

We only had to tell them to f*ck off and end the matter.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We told them that we weren’t going to give them anything. We were going to change the name anyway, so they had nothing to claim.

We signed the final agreement, thus solving the issue.

The paradox is that this story gave us an unfair advantage in our business.

We were the ones who beat a multi-million dollar agency at their own game, using only a laptop in our own bedroom.

They gave us proof that we were good at what we were doing.

This provided us with more exposure, more opportunities, and therefore, more clients.

P.S. I wish I could speak with some of their big clients and tell them the story, but unfortunately I can’t (for now).

How You Can Do The Same

Our story holds various lessons.

The biggest one I want you to take away is that it is possible to compete with bigger companies and win (in terms of marketing-).

The world of digital media makes it achievable.

You and a big company can both advertise on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. (our successful lead-gen campaign was on Facebook).

Remember: it’s not always the ones with more money who win.

Sure, having cash to spend can help. But:

If you can craft a more compelling message…

If you can better identify the market’s problem…

If you can choose the right medium….

Then you can (and you will) win.

Another lesson I would like you to take away is that business is not a fairytale and a lot of people don’t wish the best for you.

A lot of business “gurus” and social- media celebrities talk about kindness.

They always show pics of people smiling and showing love, but real business is a whole other story.

It’s literally a jungle out there. It’s a survival game. The level of competition is higher than ever before, and if you aren’t prepared for anything, you will likely be crushed by your competitors, haters, or people who want to bring you down.

This leads to the third takeaway: mental health is critical in the business world.

Entrepreneurship is all about being able to handle stress correctly and not letting your business run over you.

That’s where building your team becomes very important.

I don’t mean just your employees.

I mean your lawyer, accountant, but most importantly, your coaches and mentors.

Many people don’t think they need a mental coach, a performance coach, or psychological support of any kind.

In my opinion, this is a terrible mistake.

Coaching can help. You can’t go through situations like the one I described above without any kind of help. And yes, it’s worth paying for it.

A Message To Young People

To all the young aspiring entrepreneurs out there: we must fight.

Because we can win.

We can survive (and thrive) in this jungle.

So that we can let David beat Goliath, and make the world a better place.

I hope our story inspired you and you gained some value from it.

To your success,




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