No more lies, please

Nick Troy
Nick Troy
Sep 18 · 2 min read

It hurts so much
it hurts because it’s a lie

what is pain?

incongruence. something’s not right. foreign invader. out of alignment

why are people dying from depression, paralyzed by anxiety?

this lie

this lie

the biggest lie of all


the lie that the voice in the darkness behind your eyes is “you”




nothing could be further from the Truth

you are here

in my heart

in your heart

You’re the twinkle in a toddler’s eye

let your little light shine!

because that little light is YOU

that’s who you are

you’re not your thoughts
you’re not your beliefs
you’re not your us/thems
you’re not your pain
you’re not your stories
you’re not your identity

you’re here

we’re here
you’re me
I’m you
we’re we

and you’re here for a purpose

that’s the light!

the shine!

Let your little light shine!

that’s the work!

that’s the play!

that’s the rest!

that’s it!

let you’re light shine!

that’s YOU

that’s who you are and what you are you beautiful twinkling star
how I wonder what you are

how i gaze in wonder
at what you are
like a diamond in the sky

you beautiful beautiful you

no more lies, please

it’s killing us

we silly humans

our greatest strength
our adaptability
is our greatest weakness

born premature
ready to learn
so beautiful our capacity to learn!

matched only but our capacity to forget

but not really
we can’t forget truly

our hearts know
we belong together

our bodies know
we should be moving
not sitting

our souls know
we are not mere cogs in a machine
we need meaning
like we need air

even our minds know
oh those wiggly tricksy minds
even our minds know
that something isn’t right

something about the story we’re telling ourselves
about who we are
about why we’re here
about what we’re doing

something ain’t right

no more lies

no more illusions

drop the veil

tear it down

call it madness
call it blasphemy
call it stupidity

call it what you like

words are words
words are stacks of stones showing the way
words are not the way



listen to the resonance

of your heart

that’s what’s true

you know
i know
we know


seek and you will find


the Truth will set you free.

It already has!

You’re free

Let’s play

Nick Troy

Written by

Nick Troy

Lost? How could you be lost? You’re Right Here.

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