Once Upon a Dream

Sept 5, 2019 — Toronto, ON

Nick Troy
Sep 5 · 2 min read

I know you I walked with you
once upon a dream

on a tropical island
under the stars
hearts intertwined
dancing with glee

united at last!
there you are!
I found you!

we found we

here we are

the salty ocean breeze on our faces
the equatorial sun shines down
Kites fill the sky
and the sound of children laughing
and we don’t know why

and we don’t know how
and we don’t know what
and it doesn’t make sense at all

And the thing you see
is to manifest We
there are deaths and new births as well

and the story that I told myself
for thousands of years
in the darkness of my mind
in the flood of unwept tears
is a story that’s a lie
that you shattered all at once
and the sun shines down
and I’m feeling like a putz

cuz now
we’re here

and looking back
doesn’t make sense
looking forward
even less

and it’s almost like Here
is the only place that’s real
but that doesn’t make sense at all

doesn’t matter what you feel
be smart
be responsible
make a plan

and stick to it
cuz the world is full of chaos
and there’s no time to dance

shall we dance?
shall we dance?

as the world spins around us
shall we dance?

as every thing changes
in every single moment
shall we dance in the moonlight
dance in the sunlight
dance in incandescent glow

Do you remember
that journey that we took?

that mountain that we climbed
so long ago?

that showed us who we are
that healed us from our past
that opened up our hearts to let God in

Looking back
after all this time
to the bumps and the bruises
and the muscles that we pulled

as we walked up that mountain

before we had to say

and Grief is a Gift

and that’s why
I’m so grateful
for the gift you gave me
when we said goodbye

And I’ll dance on the mountaintop
and you’ll dance in the streets

our hearts still dance together
even if we never meet

and our path
is quite simply
the path
that we take

every moment is merely
a choice we make

in God’s divine plan
there’s no such thing
as a mistake

and since Love’s so annoying
and grief is a gift

I suppose I should thank you

for the journey we took

these few lifetimes together
under the stars
in the rainforest
before sunrise
beneath the waves

this journey
that made me who I am

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

as for today

here we are

Nick Troy

Written by

Nick Troy

Lost? How could you be lost? You’re Right Here.

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