Speak from the heart

Sept 4, 2019 — Toronto, ON

Nick Troy
Sep 4 · 3 min read

How do you speak from the heart?

where do you start

the truth hurts
and the truth
will set you free

you and me
can’t we see
the mess we’re wallowing in

your icky bits
my stickiness
we’re stuck here in our sin

it’s sad
it hurts
Let’s Figure It Out!

I just want to stop worrying
running and scrambling and scurrying

none of this matters at all
it’s words
it’s dumb
who cares
life goes on

we still
gotta eat
don’t you know

gotta plan
for tomorrow

you’re clinging
and afraid

I’m wasteful
and afraid

I avoid
you obsess

and now this
is the test

can we learn from each other today?

or will we continue
to play those old songs
that we listen to
every damn day

I have to go
I want to stay
I don’t know
but it will be okay

here we are

God is with us

that’s true

God helps those
who helps themselves

God helps those
who surrender to God’s will

I’m so tired of fear
and you hold it so near
like you think
it’s a part of you

it’s so hard to get in
past that wall
round your heart

you’re so cozy back there in your cave
locked away
from the dangers
of love

just you
and your teddy
named worry
your plush porcupine
who’s comforting touch
still makes you bleed
but you’ve been together so long
that’s what love is, isn’t it?

and I’m just as afraid
and I’m just as alone
as I scream in the darkness
and leap into the unknown
my battleaxe drawn as I warwhoop into the chaos

your worry
is pain
and we’ll do it again
my bravado is too
what the hell will we do



there’s this space

where the old scratched vinyl records
don’t play quite so loud

there’s a place

where we listen
to here
to now
and we don’t
know how
it’ll work out

we just know
that it will

raindrops on a window still
little girl sitting still

it’s so cold outside
it’s time to go to bed

thinking about
all that was said

who you are
who you were
who you will be
can’t you see

a deer in the headlights
an owl in the tree
a dance in the meadow
can’t you see

a devilish grin
as the moonlight shines in
and you’re fine
and you’re fine
can’t you see

hot tea
and some snuggles
and a really good book
in your small cozy nook
can’t you see

as I stand in the rain
and I feel no pain
with a friendly old elk
chewing leaves
as we stroll

as the raindrops touch down
with my feet on the ground
and the mud in my toes
can’t you see

that the life that you know
is just one way to go
that the path that we take
is our own

that the moonlight’s a gift
my pillow’s a stone
and you don’t have to do it alone

it’s beautiful here
in your cave
i’m honored to know you
my dear

what an honor to share
the warmth of your fire
and to hold you at night
in its glow

I’ll soon return
to the rain
again and again
and then
and then
and then

I’ll come back to you too
in your cozy old nook
because rest is important you see

and there’s more ways of living
than I
than you
than we
could ever know

so maybe
you show me yours
and I’ll show you mine
and we’ll figure out a new one as well

you share your hearth
and I’ll share my cloak
and perhaps we’ll learn something

can’t you see
can’t you see
can’t you see

it’s easy to miss
the harder you focus
the further it whisps

so if you want to see
close your eyes
and breathe deep
and listen
and listen
and see

the sound of the wind
the beat of your heart
your breath in my ears
a love lasting years
the light of the moon
we’ll meet again soon

hello again
for now

Nick Troy

Written by

Nick Troy

Lost? How could you be lost? You’re Right Here.

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