Needless to say, we have numerous restaurants around us where we can enjoy meals with our friends, relatives and colleagues. Generally people think that having a restaurant is a very lucrative business. Yes, this is true to some extent, but it involves a lot of hard work and managerial skills. You may have heard about Nick Tsagaris. He is an owner of the new McDonald’s restaurant which has recently opened in Treendale.

According to Nick, if you want to take your restaurant business to the height of success, it is essentially important to choose a great location. It has to be easily accessible for the people living nearby. For instance, you can choose a location near a mall, theatre or a cinema. The next important thing that cannot be ignored while starting up a new restaurant is the type of food your restaurant should serve. For this, be sure to survey the competition and try to be different from the other restaurants of the area.

Nick Tsagaris serve customers of his restaurant with appetizing and high quality food and this is the reason why people love visiting his restaurant every now and then. Apart from this, the furniture and washrooms are decorated with pottery figurines following the restaurant’s theme.

You will be surprised to know that Nick donated $2000 to the local Australind Sate Emergency Service Unit on the opening day of his restaurant. He is a big-hearted person who believes in living his life for the sake of others. You will find various links on the Internet if you want to know more about him.

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