Reducing Caribbean Unemployment and UnderEmployment
Youth Elect TT Speech

Brothers and sisters of Trinidad and Tobago as the campaign/ struggle towards the liberation of a louder Youth Voice and increase in youth ideas within our great nation continues, we must address one of the problems facing our Caricom region -Unemployment and Underemployment

Both the Caricom community on youth and World Bank reported that youth unemployment in the region is higher than any other region at a staggering 23%, with one quarter (¼) of all unemployment being comprised of youth under the age of thirty (30).

In a youth consultation held in 2011 by the Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development, the youth population were identified to have a lack of proper skills, lack of information, lack of opportunities and this in turn became a disadvantage as well a hindrance in finding jobs.

As Youth PM I pledge to mobilize all 465 registered youth NGO’s, CBO’s and youth councils ( as registered in the National Youth Directory produced by the Ministry of Youth and Gender TT) to form four major committees.

These four committees comprises of:

~Education Assessment Committee- This committees aim is to increase the employability and certification of young people in both academic and technical vocational skills. This Committee will function through the Youth Groups of each Constituency to mobilize and lead youth to the available programs - ensuring that all youth undertake the available programs and certain areas lobby for an increase in the available programs and courses. This Committee will also consist of Career Guidance and Mentorship.

~Employment and Entrepreneur Assisting Committee- to create a database of employable youth and lobby for jobs in both private and public companies. This committee will be run by both local and National Youth Councils to monitor /benchmark /record the unemployed but employable and certified youth while seeking to lobby with Chambers of Commerce , Private Firms and Government Agencies for the employment of the Listed Youth .

~Life Skill Development Committee

The aim of this committee would be to work with Life mentors and Life tutors to educate our youth on the important skills needed to be part of an efficient workforce as well as part of Nation Building .

~At Risk Youth Development Committee 
Certain Communities and niches of youth would require extra attention , care and services due to some of the circumstances and backgrounds they experience . Thus a specific committee would be set up to accomplish and execute all of the above but on a greater level and specifically tailored to the needs of our nation's most vulnerable Youth .

These are all plans of the Common Wealth and United Nations Youth Conventions . As the Commonwealth Youth Rep of TT I would seek to work with the Caricom/Commonwealth Regional Youth Council to have such plans instituted in all nations by Youth Organizations to work towards reducing unemployment.

In conclusion we must remember that the Youth are not the future, but the present. Youth must be equal partners of National Development.

Nicholas Morris
Youth PM TT.

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