Thank You England - you built a world for us

Thank you England — you built a world for us.

I write this note in my capacity as the Former Commonwealth and UN Youth Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago but more so as a youth in a Commonwealth Caribbean Nation. I write to say thanks.

Words cannot express how grateful I am as a young person when I look around the the various institutional frameworks within my own nation which have been developed according to our once Colonial Leaders .

I think the extent of one’s gratitude can be fully measured when we look at the successes of our Caribbean states and see that it has been as a result of following and utilising the processes which have been taught to us from the British .

Our systems of Democracy may not be perfect but we have had true “wills of the people" thanks to the Westminster system which has been instilled within our national identity.

When we look at the certain aspects of Public Service , our Protective Services and even in certain instances within our Judicial system it all patterns after that which the British not only passed on to us but fought so hard to define themselves.

Many a times when Caribbean states run into problems they are due to us shying away from the system which has defined, sustained and developed our Commonwealth Chain of nations.

At times the Caribbean man tends to go off on a tangent and want revenge on our former Colonial leaders but the fact is the great benefits we enjoy within our Caribbean society today are as a result of the support and love from the very same Colonial Leaders.

Often many Caribbean intellects try to argue the effects of slavery which I will not seek to contest but we must remember the abolition movement was equally asissted by Brits in the form of Wilberforce and the Clapham sect.

In a nutshell , as a Caribbean Youth I am very grateful for the values which we have learnt from the British and defines our society today.

In the West Indies our greatest past-time and sport — Cricket has come from the great land .

So I say thank you England , you built a world for us.

Nicholas Morris

Youth Prime Minister Trinidad

Former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador


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