Trinidad Youth PM giving power to Youth without Electricity.

If the World is to achieve equality it must ensure Youth from all walks of life are able to realise their true potential. As a nation (Trinidad and Tobago) we must ensure that all Youth have the tools necessary that allows them to change the world .

In 2014 as the then Youth Arm Chairman of the UNC and Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago I launched the "Give Power to Youth" Program with Hershael Ramesar who was the head of the 4 I Initiative (Program to better Youth Agricultural Enterprise).

This program saw us deliver Generators to less fortunate youth who were living without Electricity. Our rationale was if we were able to provide these youth with some form of electricity they would be empowered to carry out their studies.

We were able to reach out to Youth who lived on river banks and very rural communities. This program was just one component of our holistic plan to move Youth Forward as it went hand in hand with our "Bridge the Digital Divide Program"

Our vision was and is simple- we must fight for a new social framework in Trinidad and Tobago which encompasses true Human Development.

Every single Youth has the power to change the World. We must ensure that they have the tools to do so.

Each Youth has a place , plan and purpose.

Nicholas Morris