My postcard was stamped “Missent to Taipei”.

Missent to Taipei

I sent postcard to myself in Thailand but it was sent to Taiwan.

Postcards are one forms of communications used for expressing their feelings to receivers and opinions or telling their stories. They are always sent by almost travelers. Many travelers including me send postcards to ourselves, our husbands, wives, girlfriends boyfriends, friends or acquaintances.

First thing we need to send is choosing postcards. We choose postcards by their appearances. If we found postcards we want, we buy them with less than one Euros.

Next, we write messages about thinking of people we know, expressing our feelings or arriving to those countries. I wrote about expressing my feeling to travelling to Italy in English. Then, We write our name and our address. I live in Thailand, so I wrote Thailand.

We may think those methods are enough for sending postcard. However, those are not enough. We need to buy stamps. According to Italy, sending postcards to Thailand costs approximately two Euros. I bought one stamp and stuck it to my postcard at Vatican City because I want Vatican City stamps which is unique.

I checked my postcard again in order to find any fault. I found no fault, so I sent it to Thailand.

I waited for several days but I did not know what time my postcard was sent exactly because I arrived at home and found that it was arrived before. I checked my postcard to find something wrong. I found no wrong. On the other hand, I found one thing weird about my postcard.

It was stamped “Missent to Taipei”.

I was stunned. I did not know why it was sent to Taiwan because I wrote Thailand.

I tried to think many reasons for missending to Taipei, Taiwan. I found that not every foreigners knew about Thailand as much as Thai people. They thought Thailand is Taiwan, so they sent my postcard to Taiwan. It was wrong. Thailand and Taiwan are located in different locations. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, but taiwan is located in East Asia.

After I thought many times, I found that thinking many times did not remove “Missent to Taipei” on my postcard. Then, I was happy that postcard was arrived and it was not tear.


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