corey d. seaton

I’m in advertising and I’m Hispanic so I understand this man’s point of view but honestly, he’s being overly sensitive and his view regarding this job is skewed. Let me explain. This is a general market project. Who is the client? Who is their customer base? If it’s not predominantly African-American, than using models that better reflect the general customer base would be better. Does that mean white people? No, not exactly. We could use a mix of people including asians, hispanics, native americans, middle-eastern, etc.

I get it. The author is black so he naturally decided to create content that he related to and felt worked for the client. It just wasn’t appealing to the client and instead of understanding that different people and music would be a better strategic choice, the author took it as a personal attack which is silly because it’s all business. You create ads for the customer. Not for yourself.

The best advertisers mold their minds to that of the customer in order to create what will interest them. Essentially, step out of yourself and connect to the customer. This advertiser didn’t want to step away from himself, it seems.