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The Corner of Observe Avenue and Do Street

Luck is a fickle companion. It insists you get up, move, write, create, share, visit, compete, negotiate, engage and a host of other unreasonable demands. Anything at all. If you wait, over-think, lurk, show indifference, and in general have no specific direction, luck will likely ignore you.

These are not new ideas to you I’m sure. In fact they are not new to me. Still, I’m writing this post to remind myself that luck is in fact at the corner of Observe Avenue and Do Street, and sometimes I still need to look at a map to make sure I’m at the right location.

If you want to be successful with social media, consult your map and plan your route.

Be Observant

I have been in the digital media space for 20 year and social media for 7. During this time I’ve been pretty good at being observant. Heck, social media is made for observation. You can easily kill an hour looking at anything from cats (I hate cats), to an article or video on how to paint your pool coping. (pools are a pain in the butt, I don’t recommend them).

Looking at something without noting how it can be applied to other aspects of your life is a colossal waste

The key to being observant is to be present and aware. Present in that you’re giving your entire thought to what you’re looking at and aware of how it relates to other things you’ve observed. This is an important distinction to simply observing. Looking at something without noting how it can be applied to other aspects of your life is a colossal waste. Most of what we see can be translated into things that can benefit other, and sometimes totally unrelated activities. (Read this article on the Medici Effect in HBR)


I do spend a lot of time looking at and sharing and creating content in social media and on various blogs. I have not spent as much time interacting with others I’ve found along the way in a meaningful way. I’ve recently started adding this more firmly into my daily routine. Interacting with people, directly and with intent, can lead to some satisfying discussion and new and useful relationships. Hopefully relationships that not only increase your ability to expand your views and creativity, but your luck as well.


Pictured above is Megan Valente. Megan is my daughter and a blogs about innovative ways of thinking to approach a daily routine at

Thanks to Andrew Mucci, who also helped inspire this article.

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