Sleeping “beauty”

“Well well well, that one golden plate seems to have have changed your life indeed, my dear low life…”

“Stealing from the king himself was your best idea ever, shame you became to greedy and kept going for the highest bidder, you miserable dumb worm…”

The neck broke, the wood cracked, fluids were spilled, birds flew… sunbeams stroke his eyes but no more blinking there…

“That settles things” she thought, “but still, as we didn’t find his loot, we are short one plate. Ah well, the old rumply nag won’t be bothered for an invitation as her body is fragile and close to vanish same as her mind”

But how wrong she was… As soon as Maleficent felt the gentle strokes in her mind, she already knew she was cast away like an old rag, as they were better then her.

“Those worms feel greater then me, more important, wiser…? They will feel my wrath, they will love me so deeply when they finally realized what they’ve done… they will adore me, fear me, hate me… but most of all remember me!”

Laughter, drinks, music, grease, sweets … but none of it for her, the sweet old lady! How did she become the one forgotten, the one in pain? “How they will laugh for her fantastic joke to come…”

All gave their blessings, except one, the one not invited, standing behind the crowd, in a black shiny gown, woven from the finest materials a mortal couldn’t ever produce… she seemed younger, more energetic, to be feared as every single bone in her body, every single hair on her head, every single cell surrounding her soul was crying out for her moment…. THIS moment… THIS VERY moment, the NOW, the present — now she smiled, she giggled, she laughed out loud in a warlike cry sound, bringing the whole crowd in a state of an utter cold life fearing emotion…

“She will die, she will feel it, you will feel it, the sting, the pain, the transformation… NOOO sleep for her till the prince comes for his kiss, NOOO baby sucking her finger to remove the deadly needle”

AAAAAh her moment of joy, her time, her goal so close…

Sealing, floor, wall, sealing again… as she realized the guard standing behind her removed her head with a single blow of his sword, twirling around in the room, she realized as well she shouldn’t realize this anymore as there was no body to support her head… hmm how different this old turned out…

Darkness… and relief.

Marjan was shocked but loved it… the only apprentice of the 12 remaining white witches smiled as her spot in the group became her new future, she knew what to do with it, her goal was set as she trusted to what was to become, she let go of what was and she had the faith in what would be!