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Snapchat copies Instagram’s Boomerang with looping snaps

It seems as if every social media platform that I use share similar characteristics with one another. As I scrolled though Marketingland.com, there were plenty of stories about social media, but the one that caught my eye was Snapchats new looping feature. Although this an interesting new feature for Snapchat, this update made headlines because it essentially copied Instagrams Boomerang feature. Like many other sites, Snapchat not only made its only version of Boomerang, they also improved it.

Snapchats loop feature can be recording for up to ten seconds which trumps Boomerangs one second recording time. This is a huge update for Snapchat because it allows its users to view a snap more than once. This could also cause problems with some of its users. Snapchat’s “one and done” capabilities is one of the main reasons why the app has become so popular over the years. Now that you are able to view the same snap repeatedly I feel as if Snapchat doesn’t offer the same service. I don’t think that there are many lessons to be learned from this new update, but I do think more companies will take advantage of each other’s features. As for a business using Snapchat, this is a huge addition because it will allow customers to view their products repeatedly. In all, I found this to be a very interesting read, because this is an app that I use often. The infinite loops along with the apps new Photoshop capabilities are sure to keep Snapchat ahead of its competitors.