Where The True Self Grows

The true self grows in a place of relentless honesty. The true self is not fooled easily, and if you develop the ability to listen carefully, you’ll hear it telling you what to prioritize, how to stay out of danger and where to find authentic love.

Mindfulness Is Key

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to your feelings in the moment. This may be deep feelings that are on the edge of your subconscious, or it may be feelings that are very much at the forefront of your awareness. But nonetheless, we all have a tendency to ignore or otherwise reshape the meaning of our feelings and pain. Unfortunately, sometimes the reshaping of the own internal landscape is done under the auspices of someone else or some institutional power. If you are the kind of person that has a habit of doing this reshaping of your own feelings and opinions, thoughts and hopes, like most of us, you are in desperate need of mindfulness.

The Importance Of Recognizing Pain

Pain is experienced as a cascade of chemicals in the brain. And researchers say that emotional pain is neurologically very similar to physical pain. But what’s the importance of paying attention when you feel pain? Sometimes it seems meaningless. But in a way, pain can be like a pin on the map. If you are mindful of your emotional landscape, you can begin to focus in on the places where you need healing. I hope this is not taken as minimizing or downplaying of suffering in any way. I think many of us are simply very good at going on, fighting through each day and ignoring ourselves. We have gotten used to a certain state of normal that encompasses all of those things that would lead us to freedom if we let them speak to us. If we can truly find the courage to face them.

Mindfulness Can Be Aggressive

If you’re like me, you might think mindfulness sounds rather anemic and passive, not the kind of thing that will help you get much done. After all, what we need is a better situation, more love, greater opportunities right? You’ve probably heard the following, somewhat trite platitude before, but it is nonetheless very true. You are the only one you can change. You must let this truly sink in. Once you have, your mindfulness will become aggressive in the sense that you will begin to reshape the way others treat you, the way that the world itself must react to you. In this way you will begin to change all those things that you thought were external to you and that you’ve been waiting all these years for.

Be Prepared For Conflict

There is one thing you must know and be prepared for. Being relentlessly honest and militantly mindful will get you into fights. Now, I don’t mean fist fights, I simply mean that those around you who are comfortable with you as the old you will begin to get agitated. You will probably get agitated with yourself. And now the larger conflict for change begins. Will you give up when the world pushes back, when your own mind pushes back? Or will you continue to stay in the moment, taking note of the still, quiet song of your own heart, the rhythm of your very life force, deep inside you, hoping you’ll notice, waiting for you to finally listen and get back on the path you left a long time ago? Go for it my friends. You, the true you is ready, and so is the rest of the world of true people.