It’s official, same-sex marriage is now a constitutional right in all 50 states.

I just want to offer a nugget of advice for my Christian brothers and sisters: don’t be dumb.

Despite how upset you may feel, or how outraged you may be, or how scared you are that you now stand in the minority when it comes to upholding the biblical (aka conservative) view of marriage, don’t be dumb.

Nobody ever overturned a supreme court decision by spewing hateful rhetoric on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comment sections of all the major news outlets. Don’t be dumb.

Nobody ever came to faith in Christ because somebody yelled in their face about the sinfulness of their marital union. Don’t be dumb.

Christians, there is a place for defending the truth, but there is also a way to do it. Ephesians 4:15 calls you to “speak the truth in love.” Last time I checked, that’s not done in the comment section but in incarnational living.

You are called to “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone.” (Hebrews 12:14)

I’m not calling you to celebrate the Supreme Court decision, but rather to celebrate the opportunity to model and exhibit the love of Christ to those around you. You will have an opportunity to speak truth into people’s lives; but truth without love is not Christian truth.

So Christian, before you start your tyrannical rant post, remember this advice: don’t be dumb.

Husband. Dad. Pastor. Ole Miss Rebel. I look best with a mustache.

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