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Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 4: Restaurant Branding

Project 3: Museum Logo
Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo
Project 1: We Stand Together
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Read: Check out these examples of logo/identity system redesigns.


One rebrand that I like is the new logo for MVV energie. I like this logo because its abstract and creates a continiuos loop. Each letter is connected. A rebrand that I don’t personally like is Hochschule Trier (Trier University of Applied Sciences). This logo as odd kearning between each letter which i dont mind in some designs but this specifically looks bad. Its meant to represent activity, diversity and individuality, but i think it just looks sloppy and random.

A company that I believe has great overall branding is 605. 605 is a new data analytics and audience measurement company. Their brand is sleek and minimal an aesthetic i am very drawn to. The name of the company is translated roman numerals so they are a little more unique then just using an acronym. The elements that i find most interesting are the embossed business cards. The give a sense of depth and makes a simply design so much more. The overall brand is unified using just black and white and only consiting of numbers and letters with no imagery.

Help Your Brand With Color Selection

1. According to the article, 81% of logos are one or two colors max. Why?

81% of logos are one ot two colors because of color psychology. Logos with one to two colors are specifically using those specific colors to invoke an emotional response or a feeling. Each color has specific traits, characteristics or moods behind them.

2. Other than simply applying the Olympic ring color palette, what color combinations can support visual aesthetics and deepen your Olympic Bid Logo concept, especially in regard to your city? 
Please create a one-color, two-color, three-color and full color palette with a rationale for each.

Other than simply applying the Olympic ring color palette there are other color combinations that can deepen the logo concept. For example, a one color palette would consist of just a dark blue. Dark blue would work well because the psychology of blue shows to be cool, calm, and secure and Alaksa seems to be just that. An example of a two-color palette would consist of blue and yellow. Blue and yellow would be used not only because they are the two colors in the Anchorage flag but also because of the psychology behind the two colors. Blue’s reasoning was stated above, but yellow show optimism, confidence, creativity and playfulness. A full color pallete is another option for the olympic bid logo. An example of a full color palette for my logo would consist of yellow, green, blue, white, and black. I could get into the psychology for each of the colors, but its safe to say if covers most reactions the brain could have. Another reason I think this color palette will work is because it takes the colors from the two color palette and adds green. Green and yellow are used in the logo for the Universtiy of Anchorage Alaska.

The iPhone X Notch is All About Branding
Provide an example of another company that expands its branding into it’s products. How is their technique successful in reinforcing brand awareness…or limiting to their customers?

Another example of a company that expands its branding into its products is Patagonia. Patagonia is rooted in social responsibility: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire, and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” Patagonia makes products specifally for the outdoorsy lifestyle and the brand stands behind proper envirnmental treatment not only in the productions of their products but the promotion of their products too. This is succesful for brand awareness because the comsumers have the same views as Patagonia.

Project 4: Restaurant

Mock ups:

Critique 11/28/17:

What I heard: During crit I heard: keep the cool tones, keep envelope blue grey, increase wedbsite type size on back of envelope, for drink menu have it double sided logo on each side, coasters: driftwood/sand/seashell/water, keep the all white business card with white logo just scale up text on back, try breaking up logo on letter head and scale up.

What I think: I think that I will stay with the white paper and print for cool blue tones instead of using a warm/tan paper. Also I think that the type was small in the business card and and envelope once it was printed.

What I’m going to do: I’m going to research more for collateral. Maybe consider designing take out bags, a bottle, bottle tags, Digital menu, All in one app for ordering paying and tracking calories. Also have to change business card from a person to hours of operation and appropriate numbers. I’m going to make the changes suggested from crit and expand on the ideas.

Identity Final 1:

too much wood texture??? should it just be the logo
thinking a sand color paper.
maybe tan paper here too???

Collateral Braintstorming:

  1. Drink mixer
  2. Bottle of wine
  3. menu
  4. beer bottle
  5. drink menu
  6. cork screw
  7. napkins
  8. coasters
  9. glass cup
  10. to go packaging
  11. stickers
  12. pins
  13. bottle tags
  14. pens
  15. cutting boards
  16. hats
  17. shirts
  18. canned beer
  19. drink muddler
  20. wine glass
  21. app menu/ ordering system
  22. logo motion graphic
  23. digital bar menu (screens)

How I’d Execute the 5 ideas:

  1. Drink Menu: for the drink menu i would shape it like a wine bottle so the logo would fit and make up the whole design. trifold.
  2. Coasters: I could just go with the logo on a circle but i was thinking to even minimize it even more i would simply do “seastirs” on a wood coaster or a wood textured blue coaster.
  3. Bottle tags: The bottle tags would be wrapped around a bottle and would have the specific wines label info and brand along with the seastirs branding. Tan construction paper stock???
  4. App menu/Ordering system: well i dont know how to make an app but i could make each tabs screen layout and such to show each thing i want included. Like a profile/ menu/ receipt page.
  5. Digital Bar Menu: basically the drink menu but would be on a screen. Could do it on a mock up to look like its really up at restaurant.


drink menu
wine bottle
bottle tags

Each example I chose is successful in concept, visual aesthetics and execution. To start with the coaster its strictly type and a single image of an octupus. This is very minimal and I enjoy the visual aestheitcs through the minimalist design and the image I’m left to assume its a fancy seafood place. Second the app, the app i think works well in the form of concept and exectution(i know its not strictly for a single restaurant but the concept would be cool for a single restaurant). I think this becasue its got a profile tab, menu, calorie counter and all that good stuff that would be nice to have for seastirs. Someone could order from their phone and it would give then the calorie count and nutritional values. Also count be used liek a rewards system to keep track of purchases. The menus I think are both extremely strong. My favoirte being the drink menu shaped like a wine bottle. I think this specifally becasue of my logo it could function as the whole design and the exectution of the folds keep the shape even when opened. A wine bottle i thought was nice because aesthetically it looked elegant and the simple band around could have label like informataion. The bottle tag works well also in the form of elegance. each bottle could be left blank and a tag could be kept and saved by a customer who wouldnt want to take a whole bottle.

30 Trials:

final color/texture:

Library Research:

11/17/17 Trials:

11/9/17 Color trials:

11/7/17: CRIT:

What I heard: I heard that the simple logo with the the abstraction of the s’s is good but doesnt show that its a restaurant or a bar. Also the wine bottle logo shows the bar aspect right away.

What I think: I think im going to improve on the abstact s wave one to mimic the font under it and maybe place it on a slight angle. Also going to play with tagline placement for the wine bottle one.

What I’m going to do: I’m going to first extend the black of the wine bottle to make the bottle and stirs a little more even. for the S one if going to give it thick and thins like the type face under it. (not sure which one ill do the 10 finals for yet)

11/7/17: digital logo trials:

10/31/17: 75 sketches:


I like seastirs. Seafood restaurant owned by two sisters. Seafood restaurant on the west coast. (california). Fancy casual. mixed crowd. Bar too.



Aloha Seafood



1. Luxury seafood

2. Simply seafood

3. The natural

4. Limitless flavor

5. If it swims we have it

6. Great food great place

7. Together we serve you

8. Day in and day out

9. We speak fish

10. Go fish

11. Drink like a fish

Figurative Concepts:

Modern: Present, Contemorary, Minimal, Clean

Elegant: Graceful

Simple: singular elements, decorated but not overkill

Project 3: Museum Logo


Heard?: I heard that I need to add more elements. Also not box everything in. or extend the boxes off the edge. Also add stationery.

Think? I think I do need to add more and I still plan on doing more.

Do? Im going to add stationery. Still going to leave things boxed up but going to extend them off the edge so they dont feel so trapping.

Brand identity:

11/16/17 One on one crit:

What i heard: I heard a lot of good design ideas for the collateral. Also some minor tweaks to elements in each piece.

What I think: I think the points made were valid and once i make the changes the whole identity will look more professional and more unified.

What I’m going to do: I took notes on each point that was critiqued by Brigette and will go through those and make the approriate changes for the next crit or final piece. Also im going to utilize piper press and shrink wrap to make the collateral look more professional.

Identity reworks:

Collateral ideas:

paper doll of bigfoot:

sticker (change heading to horizontal logo):

11/7/17: Identity reworks/folder:

10/25/17: Identity work:

Final logo:

10/26/17: Critique:

What I heard: I should pursue a black varnish with the trees. Have to rememeber the color specifications. They all give off a military type vibe and should remain tactical.

What I think: I think i need to decide on a single theme to carry on through all the elementes of the branding identity.

What im going to do: Im going to make the envelope two colored black on one side and white on the other. The business cards will be the same. Also they both will include the trees. For the letter head i should get either a grey stock or print grey. Keep playing with the thin borders. (black or green?).

(Working on redoing Finals … thats why they arent here)

10/17/17: Critique:

What I heard: Increse size of “Discovery Museum” . less leading. try vertical format.

What I think: I think I need to try and mimic the printer error so i can get that result again.

What im going to do: Im going to try it vertically and Im going to make the tag line and “discovery museum” bigger so they can be read. To small right now.

10/12/17: Critique:

What I heard: Stay with green and brown.

What I think: I think the two colors are appropriate. Green has the hierachy so put it first.

What I’m going to do: Make the logo green and brown, increase the size and weight of the “discovery museum”, and add tagline.

Read: Creating a Logo Signature
Answer the questions under writing a tagline in regards to your museum as a starting to point to brainstorming 10 tag line possibilities, due next week:
• What does the company want to say to their audience?
• What value does the company bring to their audience?
• What benefits do they offer above the competitors?
• How are they different from the others in their field?

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum wants to attract & edutain the public with the facts about mystery primates around the world. Generate revenue to cover expenses, pay staff, fund ongoing projects & programs. Establish Research Center for Discovery Science & Scientific Exploration. Teach children about reverence for wildlife and conservation of wilderness via cryptozoology Seek proof of the existence of Bigfoot via investigatory field research and forensics. The benefits they offer above their competitors is their location. They’re located outside the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. They are different from others in the field becasue they offer free entry, a prime location, and a well educated staff that enjoys teaching about the subject. They are also a small museum so the atmosphere is homey, welcoming and personable.

“The little museum that could”

“The base of everything bigfoot”

“Watch for the Squatch”

“We’re squatching you”

“Hiding for a reason”

“For the love of Bigfoot”

“We’ll he doesn't believe in you either”

“Got Bigfoot?”

“Where’s the Bigfoot?”

“Journey into the world of Bigfoot”

10/10/17: Color Trials:

10/3/17: 24 Black and White Variations:

9/28/17: Finalized Ideas


What I heard.

I heard from my classmates that should continue with the “B”. The B works with the idea of positive and negative. Each idea got positive response but after discussion the final decision was to work the “B” more.

What I think.

I think I will be able to perfect the “B”. I do think all my ideas could be used if I continue with branding outside of class. They each included a foot print.

What I’m going go to do.

I’m going to perfect the imagery in the “B" and move into the 24 variations. I will have to focus on the type because I’m struggling with ideas right now.

9/14/17: Museum Logo Sketches/Thumbnails

Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo:

10/17/17: Final Suggestions (Crit):

No Suggestions.

Final Critique:

make the letter spacing the same.

make olympic games a different color . blend the two colors


10/4/17 Final Colors:

10/3/17: Read and Respond:

Using Gradients
Flat Design
Skeuomorphism Is Dead Long Live Skeuomorphism
Netflix’s New N and the State of Logo Design

What additional tweaking/editing/revisions you could apply to your Olympic logo to elevate craft and/or communication of the intended concept/message? How can you avoid revisions/additions that may unintentionally become decoration, a passé trend, or compromise readability?

Some additional tweaking/editing/revisions I could do to my olympic logo would be the use of gradients in the ring aspect of the antlers. Maybe have them fade into the color of the actual rings. I also think that the flat design idea is strong here. It simplifies the logo that has a lot going on and should remain “clutter free”. In order to avoid additions that appear unintentional/decoration you must only do extra when its needed/relevant. For example use gradients in the logo in a creative way that is relevant to the brand. You also don’t want to add anything that will compromise readability. If you were to use gradiants in text it should be a very smooth gradient and should still have a rationale for why it was used(example: airbnb logo). Another example is Skeuomorphis. This can be used to helped a generation through the learning curve of coming to grips with a digital era. Apple used Skeuomorphis in the design of their trash bin. Making it appear as an actual trash bin instead of a flat designed icon.

Color Trials and Final B&W:

(colors are really bright compared to actual files for some reason ??)

9/26/17 24 Digital Versions and Critique

What I heard.

From the critique I realized I need to finalize the image. I misunderstood the instructions and did 24 variations including variations in image when I should’ve just perfected one image and varied the type placement and typefaces.

What I think.

After critique I think my design is still strong and wish I realized that I should’ve perfected the one image myself and everyone else liked instead of wasting time doing others.

What I’m going to do.

I’m going to go back into illustrator and make the antlers morph into the rings to make them all one just like how I had in my original sketch. Then I will play with type once the image is finalized.

9/19/17 Revised Sketches


Read Article: 25 logo design tips and record brief response to improve your thumbnails.

  1. Understand your competition

Competitors from past olympic logos have been abstract and minimal
2. Ask the right questions

Find out the stats on moose population. Figure out the role they play. How they are viewed.
3. Stay flexible during the process

Be open to change. Accept peoples suggestions and pursue the logos favorited by the class.
4. Respect a brand’s heritage

The history of anchorage is rich. Keep the logo simple yet use possible rich vivid colors to contradict the simplistic design. Or use a muted pallette to represent the cool weather and to resemble the winter.
5. Remember: a logo is just one ingredient

The type will not be treated as an afterthought. The icon alone will be able to function on its own but it wont be enough.
6. Choose your typeface carefully

The typeface chosen will be one to relate to either Anchorages main industries logos or i will go with a simple sans serif. Haven’t done type research just yet.
7. Tweak and refine to add personality

The type can have added swoosh to the end to mimic a part of the icon possibly. Or create the 5 rings.
8. Consider illustrated, fully-bespoke (custom-made) type

If I pursue the abstract moose there is possibilities that a custom hand made font could work. Could be too much though.
9. Explore serendipitous letter combinations

combine the possibilities of mountain tops and the letter A
10. Take ownership of an entire typeface

create a type to match the abstract moose.
11. Strip it back to basics

keep it minimal and research old olympic logos to find out some stuff the at a futuristic twist to.
12. Understand shape psychology

go about the abstract moose using circles and shapes (ie. twitter logo)
13. Master grids and structure

Doesn't apply as much
14. Employ negative space

how type can create shapes or possibilities of type and icon relate
15. Make use of wit and humor

remain fun and original. Antlers creating rings
16. Understand the color wheel

Will have to research color schemes when i get to designing
17. Manage color schemes carefully

Will have to research color schemes when i get to designing. Possible 2 colors only
18. Use color to control mood

cool colors to have a winter vibe..?
19. Research sector-specific color trends

Will have to research when time comes. no decision on this as of now
20. Don’t forget black and white

Possiblitiy of just being black and white, but from past logos there seems to always be color. If I use a two color scheme it will still function in black and white.
21. Always get a second opinion (from a professional!)

Bring the 3 revised sketches to class next tuesday
22. Develop the rest of the brand world

how can it function on different mediums.
23. Consider how to bring it alive

Mess with after effects again

50 sketches/research/mindmap


1. What was your initial reaction to the Whitney identity system after reading the first article?

After reading the first article I fell in love with the simplicity of the design and at the fact that the simplicity doesn’t take away from the designs message. Also the design can fit in almost anywhere. There isn’t a composition that holds the design back from portraying itself!

2. In your own words, describe what responsive design is. What are the pros and cons of applying responsive design to an identity system?

Responsive design is a design that can respond or adapt to its environment no matter the size of the orientation or size available (flexible). The pro of responsive design is that you have little to no limitations to what your design can be viewed on. The con of responsive design is that it is much more meticulous to get a design to function on all those levels and possible mediums.

3. The new Whitney identity has been criticized as boring and duplicitous due its simplistic, open-ended design. Do you agree or disagree — why? Are boring and simple one in the same?

I disagree, I beleive a design can be as simply and minimal as needed if it still can clearly exemplify its subject. Or if there is knowledge behind it to back it up. Boring and simple aren’t one in the same in my opinion. I view boring as something that doesn't hold someones attention and I view simple as something that can be easily understood.

….Reflect on a time when you copied an idea — what did you learn from that experience? Would you do it again? Was there a way to solve the problem without copying? 
….Were you ever the one that was stolen or ‘copied’ from? What was your reaction to that? How did you deal with it? 
….Is anything original anymore?

  1. I’ve copied an idea many of times. For example, in this stand together logo project. I would copy again. Ive seen text logos have very similar designs. I knew I wanted the text to flow as a sinlge character for the first 3 letters of unity. I only copied the concept of joining letters together. The final design ended up unique and original.
  2. Being a student I personally feel like a lot of ideas between students are ‘copied’ but they arent in a negative way. This is a learning enviorment and everyone is bouncing ideas off eachother so it makes it hard to give credit to the person you may have got a simple idea form and then changed into your own.
  3. I tell myself everything has been done before because most of the time I believe I have a unique idea I come to find someone has already done it. However, I do believe there are still things that are original. There are constantly fads that come out that were never a thing before and I’m always stuck thinking how has nobody thought of that before…

Project 1: We Stand Together:


I beleive my type and image combined is my strongest design for the projects guidelines. The peace sign was said to be forced but in my opinion after trying multiple other solutions I was dead set on keeping the design as is. The other designs i attempted didn’t speak to me in anyway. Something I may change for thursday is just the shades of blue and green. Possibly sample the colors from and actual satalite picture of the earth.

Final Design Choice:


What I heard?

  • flag ideas
  • make the flags stripes lead to one and into something
  • unity. go with the one with the dot still on the i
  • image logo should be abke to stand on its own

What I think?

  • Going to scrap the flag idea
  • the unity one is my favorite idea. glad I can continue with that one
  • going to include an image to the unity

What I’m going to do?

  • close gaps up between letters to make them even
  • get an infinity sign to be able to stand alone
  • make uni stand out to represent u and i
  • u and i unite. together is better
  • world peace
  • infinte sign shows an endless unity

Final Designs:

  • as of now…
  • currently love but need to look at them for a couple days
  • green and blue to represent the earth.
  • unity brings peace to the world
  • green and blue aspects of the infinity sign sits diagonal from the other time it was used to create balance.

Digital Thumbnails and reworks:

Stand Together


First day of class, set up meduim accounts and are learning about the first project.

sorta understand what the project is on now…

Theme: Unity


  • Fighting
  • Serparation
  • Refusal
  • Division
  • Disagreement


  • Harmony
  • Peace
  • Solidarity
  • Unification
  • Alliance
  • undividedness
  • oneness
  • synthesis


  • Unite against someone or something
  • unite in something
  • unite for something


  • “There is more power in unity than division” Emanuel Cleaver
  • “Unity is strength”
  • “Peace, unityand harmony” Cathy Freeman
  • “Our flag in not just one of many political points of view. Rather the flag is a symbol of our national unity” Adrian Crohauer
  • “Unity is strength, division is weakness”


  • we are one
  • we are 1
  • O1NE
  • Puzzle pieces together to create one
  • UNITY (pushed together)
  • infinty sign with unity as type
  • we stand together (all connected)
  • American flag. stripes all weaving together and becoming one final outlet. (image?)
  • !1
  • Peace, love, unity (handdrawn… wait for desktop)


negatives: fight, punch, broken, broken heart,

positives: one, together, team, huddle, love, peace, close,

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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