Midterm Assignment

  1. Artists have several different ways to create a fan base in this day in age. One way that I have found artists being successful is through Youtube. Youtube is a great way for artists to be creative and be able to use feedback to create more videos for the fans. In the long run this could lead fans to a artists web page which could then lead to merchandise. Merchandise can be any kind of revenue for an artist such as CD’s, Posters, T shirts and also sometimes vinyl.

2. One way an artist can make revenue is by using kickstarter. Kickstarter can help not only bring fans together but also bring in the income an artist needs to survive their career. Another way of revenue is having a merch table at shows. This will not only make fans happy to support, but also create a advertisement for your brand. One thing artist’s can do in this category is be creative. Being creative with your merch can make you stand out and also bring in more income depending on the cost to make that item. Using these elements and being different will make an artist be unique and give off more color then other artists.

3. The advantages of social media is that artists can connect with anybody from all over the world. Also you can use different kinds of social media to connect with different fans as mentioned above. When it comes to collecting data, It makes it a lot easier to see what is working and what is not working. Some disadvantages to social media is knowing what is enough and what is to much for fans to handle. If an artist posts to much it can draw fans away. Another disadvantage about social media is you hear it all and it can be overwhelming and frustrating when you cant get the right message out to your fans on a personal level. It can also be hard finding a crowd and support group that keeps an artist going especially with all the people in the world these days. Overall both social media and collecting data I would say makes or breaks an artist.

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