The artist I decided to pick is Sting. After looking at his website I found that his website is very organized and is easy to find what you want to look for. I like the appeal of his website how the backround color matches the picture of Sting on the home page. Another element that I liked on Sting’s website is that if you click on the “discovery” tab is gets broken down into sub titles and pictures. This is helpful for an audience because then if they forget what album there looking for they have the cover as well.

One thing I did notice about Sting’s website though, is that when it comes to social media, Sting just has Twitter located towards the bottom of the home page. Even though the use of social media isnt used much, Sting has a community tab where he brings fans together and has featured fans throughout this page. I feel that the reason for this is because Sting has already been established as an artist, and I would believe that most of is fan base is from the generation before Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Overall I would recommend this website if your looking for Sting information or better yet needing an idea as a musician for web page layouts. Even this being true, I would recommend using more social media in this day in age, especially if your not a fully developed musician like Sting.

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