The ties that bind: Bruce Springsteen and me.

The boys, Wembley 2016

Bruce Springsteen’s music has been a big part of my life. Since being introduced to him when I was 15, he’s been present ever since (20 years). I’ve found him a solid investment – often learning more about life from one of his 3 minute records than I ever did at school :)

I don’t listen to him religiously but it’s comforting to know a Springsteen record is never far away – available as and when. Each album evokes a strong and different memory with the recurring themes of friendship, belonging, humility and passion running throughout this catalogue.

Since seeing Bruce live for the first time in 2007 in Stockholm, epic trips around Europe watching him have been the staple of the summers when he tours Europe. A chance to roll back the years with my old school friends, and reminisce about the bond we made together some 20 years ago (while listening to Springsteen on a Saturday night at the local rugby club). And, I say this without real exaggeration, watching Springsteen in concert is the closest I get to a religious experience.

Springsteen’s music took on a new dimension for me a few years ago when I got married and then became a father. I listen to his songs with a slightly different view of the world (as I try and walk like a man). And, while I’m not big into poetry / literature, I happily find myself whiling away the time trying to deconstruct songs on albums like Nebraska or TGOTG.

If you don’t like Springsteen or haven’t looked beyond the big hits, I’d throughly recommend checking him out.

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