The Truth About Going Viral
Jeff Goins

Expanding the Truth

“Going Viral” stems from a range of “just happening” (as noted in this post or in this recent Toilet Paper post) to one’s “hope for” attention (remember the Apple Store dances) to being “seeded” or “staged” (the Bubbacraft). Invariably though you need a transmittable virus (something interesting, knowledgeable, funny, remarkable, etc) that can reach (Video, print, social, word-of-mouth, etc) and infect a susceptible audience capable of repeating the transmission to other susceptibles. The magic is when you can feed those initially infected connections with more of the same such that they become conduits or channels of distribution. Reality is so many “hope for” or “seeded” attempts fail to catch and those that “just happened” aren’t intended to sustain. There does, however, seem to be an endless appetite for content to catch and “Go Viral”.