What Pisses Me Off MOST About The Internet

All FACT based on BELIEF

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

The Internet is great. It has enriched our lives in so many ways. For one, my office is my laptop. That’s pretty cool. And while I certainly have my reservations about Social Media, it allows me to stay in touch with amazing people I’ve met all over the globe throughout the years. And I’m guessing when I’m old and reminiscing with a Scotch in hand, those timelines will provide more than a few giggles.

But, it’s not all good. There’s a lot of assholes in this world, and unless you’ve Monk like discipline, the Internet makes it impossible to ignore them.

We also have political wars, religious wars, casual racism, not so casual racism, bigotry, sexism, comments sections, trolls, The Daily Mail, and holy fuck, I could go on… it’s a war zone!

As bad as all that is, nothing pisses me off more than the millions who speak their beliefs in absolute fact. “I’m right. You’re wrong. End of story. Fuck you!”

Because that’s a major contributing factor to all problems listed above.

This probably annoys me in real life even more. You know the ones, their opinion is unwavering and their belief is so strong that if you were to challenge it, they’d lose the plot and go full on attack mode. Even if it’s something unproven like the afterlife or who killed Kenny?

We live in a world governed by belief. That’s cool. If your beliefs work for you, great. Why the need to shove it down others throats and get mad if it doesn’t work for them is beyond me.

I for one, love hearing about people’s life experiences and how they have formed their beliefs. It’s fascinating to me. But the second they start talking in absolute fact I’ve lost all interest. I want to talk about a world of possibility. And you can’t have those conversations with narrow-minded people.

All beliefs can be challenged. I’m not sure fact even exists anymore. Especially when 99.9% of beliefs are formed and diluted down from studies with a biased agenda. There you go. A fact I just made up.

Ok, pedophiles are dicks. Any opposing belief is probably worth arguing in that department. Even if it is with the Pope.

There was a time if you suggested the world was flat you would have been ridiculed and probably stoned to death. Today, you’d be ridiculed beyond belief for arguing it was flat. Who knows what will be challenged and proven wrong in the future?

Look at the food industry. Every diet has a documentary based on “scientific research” designed to scare the shit out of you and convince you that you’re going to die if you follow any other diet. It’s terrifying. The stress of it all is going to kill more people than it will ever help.

Too many of us are far too narrow-minded. We get sucked into this polarizing war designed to make us mad and scream our beliefs at the opposition. It’s all bollocks.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: You should be far more cautious around those who preach their belief as fact and are unwilling to be challenged in any way. Because that just proves they have a narrow mind. And who knows what truth will unfold tomorrow.

And that my friends, is a fact! 😜

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