I hate Cauliflower Rice.

Or as some foodies say Cauli Rice……

I will be honest it ain’t rice and it ain’t never gonna taste like rice. So we go without. I really do not see the point of having something just because you should have rice with Chilli, or curry.

Some of the food ideals we are taught should be broken. For example I read so much online about how great cloud bread is, well my personal feeling behind this subject is, IT AIN’T. OMG it is mind blowingly disgusting. I have yet to try other types of bread from other ways of eating, but one of the reasons bread tastes so nice is, IT HAS SUGAR IN IT.

So if you are going to try and adopt a no sugar/ no carb way of eating you really have to get behind the mind set of no sugars or carbs!

Rant over….