Gift Guide for Cat Parents

Nicky LaMarco
Aug 30 · 4 min read
Cicero can’t contain his excitement.

My cat Cicero had an absolute ball reviewing these items for this gift guide.

Temptations Treats for Cats

Cats go crazy for Temptations treats. They know the sound the bag makes and they come running. My Cicero loves the chicken flavored treats, well, he loves all of them, but I think this is his favorite. Other flavors include creamy dairy, shrimpy shrimp, tantalizing turkey, tempting tuna, seafood medley, savory salmon, hearty beef, and catnip.

PetSafe Self-Cleaning Litter Box

A dreaded task of a cat parent is cleaning the litter box. It’s part of the job, but that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant. PetSafe is our savior with the self-cleaning litter box. No poop scooping, ever. Sweet relief! A steel plated automatic rake moves all waste into a closed compartment. The litter dries out poop and absorbs urine to reduce odor. Disposable tray makes cleaning time super easy. Order new litter when needed and it’s delivered to your door.

Personalized Cat Food Bowls

How adorable are these personalized cat food bowls? These make the perfect gift for any cat parent. One has a cat face, the other a fish. Cicero loves them…or maybe he just loves that there is food in them. We’ll never know.


Grab some super cute photos of your cat and make a photobook of aborableness. Give as a gift to new cat parents with photos of the little kitty. Add some words of wisdom for a cute keepsake.


PrettyLitter monitors your cat’s health and let’s you know if your cat has an infection. PrettyLitter absorbs moisture to get rid of those nasty smells. Cats are little ninjas when it comes to health. It’s hard to tell if they’re doing okay. PrettyLitter changes color after urination if there is something wrong with your cat based on the pH levels. Plus, the PrettyLitter is lighter than traditional litter so you’re not breaking your back carrying it. Just select the number of cats, and the amount you need is delivered right to your door once a month. Easy peasy.


Cicero loves his PrettyPlease dry food. There are no artificial colors, preservatives or fillers. PrettyPlease provides the nutrients cats need plus probiotics and prebiotics for digestive health, and feline nutritionist selected ingredients to keep your cat healthy. Just like with PrettyLitter, choose the number of cats you have and a monthly supply is delivered to your door.

Cats on Catnip 2020 Calendar

Enjoy these hilarious and adorable cats on catnip all year with this calendar. Makes an awesome gift.

Engineering for Cats by Mac Delaney

Get to work, human! Build bunk beds, cat caves, treat machines, drinking fountains and more for your cat with the instructions in this book. Your cat will love your designs.

Crazy Cat Lady by Agnes Loonstra & Ester Scholten

Crazy Cat Lady has these super cute and relatable illustrations of what it’s like to be a crazy cat lady. Great gift!

Fresh Step Clean Paws

Fresh Step is a great litter because it clumps for easy scooping. The ammonia blocking technology keeps the odor down with the help of Febreze. Fresh Step Clean Paws is a 2019 Product of the Year Winner!

RE Botanicals Hemp Tincture for Pets

Cats can reap the benefits of CBD with this new CBD hemp oil for cats. USDA organic, full-spectrum hemp and certified organic MCT oil. Dosage guide depending on your cat’s weight. Makes a nice gift for cat parents!

Tiki Cat Raw

Cicero gets super excited when he sees this package of chicken velvet mousse by Tiki Cat Raw. Makes an incredible treat or meal.

I received products to review for consideration. I may receive a commission on any links clicked.

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