Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: True of False?

(It’s just my personal thoughts, you are more than welcome to disagree with it!)

Many people might heard of this saying but not knowing its origin or whether it is supported by scientific evidence. Personally, I believe in this statment that the idea of beauty is different from person to person: one might think that navy sweater with a reindeer is much prettier than the one that is plain and loose-fitting, and there is the other way around. I have read this article before Science explains why beauty is in the eye of the beholder, saying that the main reason for individual’s perspective of other’s attractiveness is our own experience and the environment we are in. The people we associate with, the magazines we read, or the advertisements we see are some essential environmental factors that influence our perpection of beauty.

While the article mentions that faces that are more symmetrical are considered more attractive in general, which seems to contradict “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and the environment theory. I think it has to do with our present culture and the fact that people prefer faces that would arouse positive emotion. It might be models or people associated with beautiful and attractive are normally portraited by faces that are more symmetrical on mass media such as television and magazine. There is a related example, the documentary film “Miss Representation” explains how the mainstream media nowadays has shaped our idea of beauty. There is one clip of it shows the photoshop process of a femal picture used in a magazine.

As we expected, the bottom photo is normally the one used in magazine, and normally goes with message like “How to get the perfect body?” “The top xxx most attractive female in the world”. A picutre with a positive arousal text, message delievered. But this isn't always the representation of beauty of all time and all place, for I am sure there was a time and there is a place where a plump figure was considered more attractive because everthing in the society suggested that was the standard of beauty.