What started as a mistake turned into something I’ll treasure forever. Funny how that works. If I didn’t make a complete ass of myself for a girl I might never see again, I never would have ended up on a forty-five and a half hour adventure.

That lone concert ticket was bought under the influence of a beautiful pair of eyes and severe amount of alcohol. The concert was played by a band that was introduced to me by an old flame. One of those few bands that still makes me feel strong emotions.

I spent the entire day debating…


School is out. Weather is nice.

Time to live out the BC dream:

Living in a Van. With another dude. For a couple months.

The Beast. Commonly know as Elouise.

The Plan?

Travel across Canada.

Start in Victoria BC. Head east. Come back eventually.

(There isn’t a plan)


Just a couple dudes.

An artist. A writer. Friends since they were wee tykes.

Both equally handsome and charming.


It’s been a dream for years.

This is the last chance we have to travel like this.

Cause adulting y’know.

And were going to make the best of it.


I found myself having a bad day weeks ago. I wrote up this blurb for myself as a way to get my thoughts out as I have trouble articulating feelings sometimes. As my viewpoint has shifted from that bad mood, I would like to share what I wrote in the hopes I’m not alone in this.

I find myself feeling the hollowest I have felt in my life tonight. I want to tell someone about it, but I don’t think there would be anyone that would understand to the point where it would be worth the hassle. …

When was the last time someone verbally told you an engaging story?

I wholeheartedly miss the days where I could listen to my grandfather spin a tale about seemingly nothing, and I would be on the edge of my seat with anticipation. It has been a long time since anyone has told me an engaging story. It’s a simple mixture between my lack of attentiveness, and a lack of confidence in public speaking that my generation generally has. Apart from paid professionals (stand up comics, professors, news personalities), I wish more people could tell an engaging story.

I miss being…

I am usually one for keeping my writing simple and light-hearted. More often than not, I would like to provide laughs to my readers. So if you came here for a chuckle, turn away now. You don’t need to see this side of me.

“What is so infuriating?” you might ask. If I were to tell you without any context, you’d think me to be a fool. An average Joe worked up about his simple life and taking it out on inanimate objects. You might even go as far as to completely disagree with me. However, as simple as my…

To the middle aged woman at the bar who said she liked American news because it was so action packed: I’m sorry I suggested you watch an action film instead. Who knew that would instigate rage in your soul.

To the kids that met outside the Skytrain, revealed the contents of their individual shoe boxes in sync, swapped boxes and then went their separate ways: I am floored by the confidence and efficiency of both parties in said transaction. Took 7 seconds tops.

To the creepy old man that sat down directly behind me on the empty Skytrain and made…

I’ll be purposely vague, in case this gets seen,

By the person I write about for whom my eyes gleam.

Although you don’t know, how I truly feel,

I think of you fondly (its kind of a big deal)

I dare not mention it, in case you don’t feel the same

It would ruin our friendship, and I’d be to blame.

So I write this confession, get it off my mind:

I can’t stop thinking, about your behind.

I enjoy our time spent, talking about very little

Even if I know, you’re hella non-committal.

Your goofy grin always gives me…

I was riding the Skytrain earlier this week when I heard a guy who was a couple seats down whisper to his friend, “Dude, I love chicken nuggets. Like, you just don’t understand,” and it really got me thinking. We use the term love for a lot of different things, all with varying degrees of sincerity.

I was always taught that love is a strong emotion. In the same way that “hate is a strong word” you either like or dislike things. By using the words love or hate, you further emphasize your disposition towards that thing. In my mind…

If you’re like me, there is only so much a cold beer can do at the end of a week to help you unwind. Putting your feet up on the coffee table, slouching enough to make a chiropractor cringe, and putting on loose pants, might have restorative powers, but it’s a recipe for negative thinking. Congrats, you made it through the week. It’s been 168 hours since you last celebrated making it through a quarter of a month. Is that really an achievement? Sure you could get hit by a bus, get shot on the street or suffer a fatal…

Nick Ypew

We out here vibin

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