Learning something new

For the past week studying at GA, taking up UX it has been a long and tiring week. With lots of time dedicated to the project, and learning something really new. I have been trying to absorb lots of new information. Learning on ways to interview people, observing things around me and what i can make improvement to. And learning how to create a prototype for an app using paper. And trying to create a new app to help with peoples trouble that they have faced.

Awesome News

Awesome news is the app i have thought of thru my interviews with my fellow classmates, where they have stated that they would like a news app where they are able to get news which relates to their interest, and get quick and live updates on them. So what I have done after completing my interviews, was to took out all the points and put them in stickies, from there I have been sorting them into different category. After looking at the different category, I proceed to look into the main problem with the people i have interviewed has faced, which is they tend to look at news they are interested in. And i came out with the problem statement on: I have learned that users would like to have news on particular interest that they have, and also to know about those news from different sources. And are able to get quick or live updates on news which are happening around. Based on my interview i came out with the idea for the app (which i would include a link to the complete process of the entire app with a few features missing). After getting the information that i need. I proceed to sketch some concepts onto a sketch book. From there i decided on the best concept and create a storyboard on how the app works. Right after doing that I started creating paper prototypes, by cutting and creating different blocks of the app. After doing so I proceed to ask my classmates to try out the app, after lots of testing and getting feedback on them.

The first person who tried my the prototype on, commented that i should change the starting page, from tap here to add interest to what kind of news you are interested in, as the add button is obvious enough. And to have suggestion in the search.

The second person, mentioned that he/she would like relevant options, change the layout to headline and place it in the middle, was confused with the search button, does not like having too many steps for the interest part ( I was explaining, that you would need to go to settings to change the layout of the interest slider). To change favourite to save instead. And to change the interest above to Your Interest/News after adding interest.

Third person who tried my prototype after making the changes, mention to add images or icons to differentiate the different tabs at the bottom instead of having it in words.

After making all the final adjustment missing out a couple of things, the final product is down below.

Here is the link to the prototype on pop: https://popapp.in/w/projects/5659687e01f2c27e79372469/preview

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