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Hilary or Trump is the same as asking “What type of injury do you prefer? A compound fracture of the femur or a broken ulna?”

When the nation is no longer reasoning from time proven principles, the result is what John Adams warned us would happen; a non virtuous and non vigilant citizenry is a derelict citizenry that will loose their freedom, or in the case of the analogy, you loose the use of your limb.

If the media had reasoned from a deeper position, then we may be having a different discussion. So, may the “4th” branch of our government now go enjoy their creation and may this give the silly citizenry some time to reflect their flawed basis of reasoning.

Human nature. We were warned by King Solomon, Aesop, Cicero, Shakespeare but we continue to lend our power to the Nero’s, Chavez’s and Pol Pot’s. Human nature has not changed in over 8,000 years.